A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1385

Seeing Ye Yuyan walking out of the crowd, Shen Yuxiang’s heart jumped immediately.
“Brother Fan, this woman is not easy to mess with.”
“You take Wenya and run quickly, I will try to stop her.”
Shen Yuxiang lowered his voice and whispered to Ye Fan.
The fact that Ye Yuyan is now the captain of the special forces has spread throughout Yeyang Town.
People in the small town think that Ye Yuyan is the real dragon they walked out of Yeyang Town.
It can be said that Ye Yuyan is now a well-known celebrity in Yeyang Town.
Shen Yuxiang naturally knew about this.
A soldier and the captain of the special forces. Shen Yuxiang even closed his eyes and guessed that Ye Yuyan’s skills must be extraordinary, and they are by no means comparable to these rough men.
Now that Ye Yuyan is leading Qin Yu, Shen Yuxiang is naturally worried.
But Ye Fan waved his hand: “Fatty, it’s okay.” The first website is m.
“It’s just a woman, she can’t help me.”
Ye Fan spoke proudly, but the fat man stared at it.
“Okay, Brother Fan, you don’t need to dress up with me.”
“Ye Yuyan is a special soldier, it is normal to not be able to beat her.”
“Listen to me, you quickly take Wenya and go first, I stop her.”
Without waiting for Ye Fan’s answer, the fat man walked out and scolded Ye Yuyan: “Ye Yuyan, you eat something inside and out.”
“Brother Qin Yu, one bite, is really kind.”
“I don’t know, you thought Ye Yuyan was surnamed Qin, not Ye?”
“But, don’t you feel ashamed?”
“Ye Fan is your cousin!”
“For an outsider, you are now going to kill your loved ones.”
“Are you worthy of your Ye family’s ancestors?”
“Returning a soldier?”
“A thing that deceives the teacher and destroys the ancestor, are you worthy of being called a soldier?”
The fat man cursed angrily there, angering Ye Yuyan, attracting hatred to himself, and buying time for Ye Fan and the others to escape.
“Dead fat man, you are looking for death!”
The fat man’s words were really horrible, and it was very unpleasant.
Ye Yuyan couldn’t stand it in an instant, with cold eyebrows, she gave a cold drink, clenched her fist and smashed at the fat man.
Just when the fat man was panicked, Ye Fan kicked him over and kicked the fat man out, just avoiding Ye Yuyan’s fist.
“Ciao, Brother Fan, what are you doing?”
“Are you crazy?”
The fat man lay on the ground and suddenly complained bitterly.
Ye Fan ignored him, but looked at Ye Yuyan in front of him, and said calmly: “Ye Yuyan, my friend of Ye Fan, can’t tolerate your insults.”
“I’m going, what a big tone!”
“Sister Yuyan, beat him!”
“This bastard, if you don’t teach him a lesson, he won’t know what is good or bad.” Ye Jian shouted not far away, adding to the flames.
Qin Yu had also gotten up from the ground at this time. The original brand-new suit was covered with mud and dirt. At this time, he whispered to Ye Yuyan: “Yuyan, it seems that this time, I can only trouble you.”
“Brother Qin Yu, you are polite. Our two families were originally family friends, and you and I are even more like brothers and sisters. Now that my Ye family is out of such a scum, I feel ashamed in my heart, and now I should help Qin Yu teach this. Ye Fan had a meal.” Ye Yuyan whispered to Qin Yu.
What kind of irony is that kind and friendly appearance to some people?
Originally, Ye Fan was Ye Yuyan’s elder brother.
But now, Ye Yuyan addressed someone with a different surname so intimately, and even wanted to beat her cousin for him.
How about it, sometimes, the so-called relative is not as good as an outsider?
“Ye Fan, I will give you one last chance.”
“To my brother Qin Yu, kneel down and apologize!”
“Otherwise, don’t blame me for not thinking about relatives.”

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