A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1395

“Beast, how dare you beat my son?”
“You uneducated thing, today my uncle must make you remember!”
Ye Ya was mad at the time, and in a rage, he ran over and kicked Ye Fan again.
Ye Fan didn’t hide, just let him kick.
After Ye Ya kicked and played, Ye Fan walked over and shot Ye Jian who was lying on the ground.
“Asshole, dare you?” Ye Ya’s old eyes were blood red.
However, why would Ye Fan bother?
There was a boom.
Ye Jian, who was full of nosebleeds, screamed again and was kicked into the air by Ye Fan.
Rolling four or five meters along the ground, the fish tank was crushed by him!
Finally lay there, clutching his stomach and crying and weeping.
After kicking Ye Jian, Ye Fan continued to learn from his second uncle Ye Ya, sternly cursing: “You have no education, you don’t understand etiquette, so you don’t need to call your cousin.”
“Also tell the truth and confuse the audience. Today, my brother must make you remember!”
In the courtyard, Ye Fan’s anger echoed.
In this scene, Ye Tian and the others were dumbfounded!
They didn’t expect Ye Fan to be so tough?
If Ye Ya hit him, he hit Ye Ya’s son!
The key point is that Ye Fan is not arrogant, every time he beats Ye Jian, he can still find a reason, and people can’t fault it.
Ye Fan’s wit and tact, no doubt everyone who watched secretly trembled.
Originally, if Ye Fan dared to do something against Ye Ya, he would undoubtedly carry a rebellious name, and he would be spurned by everyone in the Ye family.
But who would have thought that Ye Fan didn’t fight back, just vented his emotions on Ye Ya’s son.
It’s just right to be an uncle’s nephew.
It is only natural to be a brother to beat a younger brother!
Ye Tian and the others wanted to help Ye Fan scold, no doubt they couldn’t find the reason.
When everyone in the Ye family was shaking, Lu Wenjing behind him watched and giggled.
I thought her brother Xiao Fan was really bad.
It’s no wonder that Xiao Fan’s brother stood and let Ye Ya fight, because he did it on purpose.
The fact is also true, Ye Fan did it on purpose.
Anyway, Ye Ya was just a middle-aged man. He didn’t have much effort. Ye Ya hit him, it was no different from tickling, just let him hit.
But Ye Fan is different. He is a practicing family. If he slaps him, Ye Jian will lose half his life.
Ye Ya wanted to fight, so Ye Fan naturally accompanied him.
Who was uncomfortable when I saw it?
Sure enough, Ye Ya’s heart was bleeding after hearing his son’s scream.
“Second Uncle, are you still fighting?”
At this time, Ye Fan turned his head, smiled at Ye Ya, and asked softly.
Ye Ya was almost vomiting blood with anger.
In furious, he was going to beat Ye Fan again.
“Dad, don’t fight.”
“Dad, please, don’t beat him~”
“You want to kill your son!”
“Damn, it hurts me to death~”
Ye Fan stood there peacefully, but Ye Jian couldn’t stand it anymore.
Guikulang howled, begging his father not to do anything to Ye Fan again.
Ye Fan is the bastard!
Ye Jian had no doubt that if his father beat Ye Fan again, Ye Fan would definitely beat him without hesitation.
Of course he dare not let his father do it again.
In the end, Ye Ya still closed his hand, and the palm he raised did not fall.
“Good you Ye Fan.”
“You are cruel!”
“Dad, look at this good grandson you raised.”

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