A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1728

From Ye Fan’s clothes, it is easy to recognize that he is a Chinese.
Hearing this, Qian Chi Jing shuddered.
“I remember, sister, this is the gentleman who saved us in China.”
“Unexpectedly, I met again here~”
When I remembered Ye Fan, Qian Chijing was a little bit happy.
Perhaps it is because of the joy of meeting again in the long sea of people.
“shut up!”
“Have a smile?”
“Eat what’s inside and outside.”
“He hurt his brother, he is our enemy, not a benefactor!”
Qian Chi Yan was disgusted with Ye Fan, but now he meets it again, and has abolished Miyamoto Nan’s arm, Qian Chi Yan naturally hates him even more.
After being reprimanded by her sister, Qian Chi Jing immediately lowered her head, not daring to speak any more.
When the two sisters whispered, Miyamotosuke’s expression was undoubtedly hard to see the extreme.
He didn’t expect that the other party injured his son, so he fled without fear, and even killed him?
What does this mean?
Didn’t this take their Miyamoto family seriously?
“What an arrogant kid!”
“Things that live and die.”
“I haven’t looked for him yet, did he come and die by himself?”
“In that case, if I didn’t accept you for the Lord Yan today, I would be wrong about the Lord Yan.”
Miyamoto gave a roar, and then immediately ordered: “Nakamura, you will immediately take someone, interrupt the lunatic’s legs for me, and then throw it in.”
“Patriarch, don’t worry, I promise, if I can’t break the madman’s legs within three minutes, I will break my legs!”
With a low cry, the men of the Miyamoto family suddenly agreed.
The man named Nakamura made a promise and rushed out with dozens of bodyguards.
“I go!”
“Good courage!”
“Chairman Miyamoto, congratulations.”
“With such a capable man, why don’t you worry about your Miyamoto family?”
Everyone admired and said.
Miyamoto was in a rare mood better, and this time he nodded and replied proudly.
“This kid Nakamura is young and promising, with a samurai legacy.”
“Among my many subordinates, the one I admire the most.”
Miyamotosuke replied with a smile.
Qian Chi Yan was especially happy when she heard that her grandfather praised Nakamura so much.
“Sister, do you hear?”
“Does grandpa praise my brother Nakamura?”
“Wait and see, if my elder brother Nakamura goes out, that bastard will die!”
Qian Chi Yan has always admired Nakamura, and Qian Chi Yan was naturally happy when she heard her grandpa praise him.
But Qianchijing whispered: “That gentleman is also very good…”
“Huh? What did you say”
“Do you still think that that stinky cock can survive my brother Nakamura?”
“Dream you!”
“My brother Nakamura is in charge of dozens of bodyguards in the Miyamoto family, can’t he still deal with a Chinese cock?”
“Just wait and see, how did the benefactor in your mouth cut off his legs by my brother Nakamura and throw it in?” Qianchiyan said with eyes full of disgust.
However, as soon as his words fell, he heard only a bang.
Immediately afterwards, the door of the hall was directly knocked open.
Then, a figure covered in blood ran across the hall like a cannonball, and finally crashed to the ground and hit Qian Chiyan’s feet.
After the end, a mouthful of blood was directly vomited on Qian Chiyan’s face.
Qianchiyan’s pretty face turned pale in an instant, and the whole person was scared, almost lost in spirit.

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