A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 184

“This…this is…”
“Jingzhou leader, Lei Family Patriarch, Lei Sanye!”
Am I going to special?
Sanye Lei also arrived?
What is so special about this Jianghai today?
At this moment, the audience was in an uproar, with shock. Many people were almost crazy at the time.
And Lei Aoting, who was also standing up for Mo Wenxuan just now, shuddered instantly after seeing the man in front of him again.
The whole person was just as if thunder struck, his eyes widened in an instant.
Lei Aoting was completely dumbfounded.
The Mo Wenxuan family was even more shocked, just like a huge boulder like a sea, a huge wave was set off in their hearts. Remember to read in one second
“Lei…Lei Sanye?”
Before that, Shen Jiuyi, Li Lao Er, Wang Jiexi from Haozhou, and Mo Wenxuan’s family were just trembling and not afraid.
After all, their family is in Jingzhou. No matter how powerful Li is, they are also in Yunzhou. The sky in Jingzhou is Lei’s family and Lei Sanye. Therefore, to Li Lao Er and others, Mo Wenxuan and Han Yu are really not afraid.
But now, Lei Sanye has also arrived.
The Mo Wenxuan family was really scared this time.
The deep fear in his heart began to swept and brewed.
Could it be that what they provoke today is really a big man?
“And I!”
As the saying goes, one wave has not settled, another wave has risen.
The storm caused by Lei Sanye’s arrival has not yet subsided, but outside the hall, a few more people stepped forward.
At the Han family, he also drank completely, standing upright Ye Fan.
“This…this…this is…”
“Chen Tianjiao!”
“President of Jianghai Chen Group, nephew of Chen Ao?”
“He… he… why did he arrive?”
At this moment, it was Han Hai’s turn to be dumbfounded.
The Yunzhou tycoon is here, the Haozhou tycoon is here, the Jingzhou tycoon is here, and now, even the top dignitaries in Jianghai are here.
Moreover, what made the Han family even more unbelievable was that this Chen Tianjiao had also come to cheer Ye Fan.
Chen Hai was already confused.
The entire hall of the Han family was deadly silent.
However, the storm has not stopped.
After a brief silence, outside the Han family’s old house, a number of luxury cars slowly stopped.
Afterwards, a group of more than a dozen people pushed the door and walked in.
At the moment the door opened, everyone only saw that those people were full of majesty, in suits and leather shoes. Stepping calmly on the ground of the old mansion, the low and muffled noise almost exploded in everyone’s hearts.
Immediately afterwards, a series of respectful and respectful voices sounded one after another in the hall of the Han family.
“The Patriarch of the Yang Family in Jingyang City, Yang Zihai, and the Fenghai guys, came to meet Mr. Chu, celebrate the birthday of Mrs. Zun, and wish Mrs. Happy birthday.”
“Luo Haiqiang, the Patriarch of the Luo Family in Xinfeng City, celebrates his birthday!”
“Wang Jingyu, the head of the royal family of Luzhou City, celebrate his birthday!”
The voices one after another, like a monstrous row of waves, sounded one after another throughout the Han family house. Converging into a stream, impacting the whole world.
On this day, half of Jiangdong Province, nearly ten prefecture-level cities, all the big guys present in the Shengtian restaurant that day came together, and respectfully worshipped Ye Fan and his wife.
“Jianghai Chen Family Patriarch, Jiangdong King Chen Ao, bring his little daughter Chen Nan to celebrate his birthday!”
“Mrs. I wish, your youth will last forever, and your face will stay!”
Finally, with the arrival of the last person, just like a thunderstorm, it blasted in everyone’s hearts and set off a huge wave.
Jiangdong Wang Chen… Chen Ao, also… has he arrived? ! ! !
At this moment, Han Hai was stunned, Han Yu was stunned, and the old lady Han was stunned, and everyone in the Han family, as well as everyone present, were all stunned!
I just feel that a world-destroying storm has been blown wildly here.

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