A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2273

“Excessive reputation.”
“I, Ye Fan, are no more than a layman. I am afraid I can’t stand such an evaluation, let alone this title.
Ye Fan spoke indifferently, his face expressionless, and there was a hint of coldness in his words.
“I go!”
“Mr. Chu, be careful?”
“This is not an ordinary person standing in front of you~”
Hearing Ye Fan’s somewhat disrespectful tone, Li Er and others were almost scared to pee.
I thought that Mr. Chu was messing up?
I really didn’t know this Li Hongze.
Or is Mr. Chu really crazy?
Don’t even pay attention to the Yanxia No. 2 character?
Suddenly, Li Er and others were terrified, and they only felt that they could not understand Mr. Chu.
After all, if someone else is granted a national canonization, Li Hongze and other giants personally announce that they would have been excited and grateful for Dade.
But Ye Fan didn’t.
Instead, he showed such a cold attitude.
This has to be incredible.
However, how could Li Er and the others know that the supreme honor in the eyes of these others is just a few dispensable names in Ye Fan’s eyes.
For the real strong, is there a title, and what can I do?
Anyway, Ye Fan’s strength lies here!
Even if Yan Xia did not grant him a title, he still had the combat power of a titled master.
In other words, this title is not very useful to Ye Fan.
But for the country, it is of great significance.
From this perspective, it can be said that the country begged Ye Fan to accept this title.
Therefore, after hearing Ye Fan’s indifferent tone, Li Hongze not only did not feel angry at all, but was also eager in his heart, wondering if they did not do well enough to provoke him.
Are you here, Mr. Chu?
Nowadays, the international situation is changing, and the road to revival in the hot summer is even more perilous. Western countries headed by the United States are eyeing the hot summer and have repeatedly suppressed the hot summer.
Under such circumstances, Hot Summer undoubtedly urgently needs Ye Fan and other pillar nations to protect the country.
Therefore, every titled master will undoubtedly have a strategic deterrent effect for Yan Xia.
Now that Ye Fan is so afraid of being interested, this has to make Li Hongze anxious.
Quickly laughed: “Mr. Chu is humble.”
“The God of War highly respects you, and Master Vast Sky also appreciates you.”
“It can be seen that Mr. Chu deserves this title, how can he say he can’t afford it?”
“Of course, if you dislike the sloppy title granted this time, then you really misunderstood.”
“The original plan was to prepare for the title ceremony, on the top of Yanshan Mountain, from now on to personally canonize you.”
“However, because a few days ago, a strong man in my hot summer fell in Japan, and his age was similar to that of Mr. Chu. God of War and others suspected that it was the forces of other countries to suppress my hot summer martial arts.
Only then joined forces to assassinate Qi. ”
“So, out of the protection of Mr. Chu, God of War decided to canonize you secretly and not make it public.”
“After Mr. Chu is full of wings and truly grows into a towering tree, I will reorganize the title ceremony for you.”
“At that time, the Lord of the Hot Summer Kingdom will also come in person to congratulate Mr. Chu.”
Li Hongze’s words were kind and kind. In front of Ye Fan, this distinguished man didn’t put on any airs, and even his tone was very polite.
However, Li Hongze’s remarks once again shocked everyone’s hearts.
This is so special.
The Lord of the Hot Summer will come to congratulate himself?
At that time, Shen Fei was shocked and slammed directly.
Tell me that Brother Fan is so awesome!
“Fuck, who else?”
“Dare to ask Jiang Dong, who else is there?”

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