A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2280

But who could have imagined that in just a few minutes, the situation here would have undergone a monstrous reversal.
The people of the Xu family bowed down and held their hands, and the old man Lu Cangqiong fell back softly, embarrassed like a dog.
Wu Weitao and He Lanshan both begged for mercy in front of Ye Fan, and apologized in fear.
The situation of life and death has turned around!
Who could have imagined that Mr. Chu, who was at the end of everyone’s mind, had the last laugh.
“Tianjiao Wushuang, Zhu Kingdom God General?”
“What a Ye Fan, what a Mr. Chu!”
“No wonder you were not afraid of facing me before, Lu and Xu.”
“No wonder, facing the encirclement of a thousand troops, you are calm and gentle.”
“It turns out that this is your dependence, this is your dependence~”
“I underestimated you, all of us underestimated you!”
With the fall of Lu Cangqiong, the last hope and reliance in Xu Junlin’s heart was undoubtedly shattered in a flash, and disappeared!
Before, Xu Junlin thought that Major General Qinglong, the lord of Longchuan, was Ye Fan’s greatest support.
But now it seems that he was wrong, he was so wrong.
In the end, he underestimated Ye Fan!
Today’s appreciation, national canonization, Tianjiao Wushuang, this is Ye Fan, his greatest reliance.
With this reliance and confidence, Ye Fan did not need to fear anyone.
After all, in the land of hot summer, who is more powerful than the master. Who has the power to beat the country?
For a long time, Lu and Xu both believed that the country was the backer of their two families.
But in the end, they discovered that Ye Fan’s patron is the hot summer!
Xu Junlin knew very well that after today, this Ye Fan will stand shoulder to shoulder with the country.
In this scorching summer, no one dares to provoke, Mr. Chu’s majesty!
Thinking of this, Xu Junlin was heartbroken, but under his anger, he poured out a mouthful of blood.
With a crash, I fell under the long sunset!
Xu Junlin came for revenge for his grandson. Who would have thought that instead of repaying the grudge, he would take his own life in this Jiangdong land.
This magnificent Haiyuan Pavilion has actually become the burial place of this old general.
However, Xu Junlin was dead, and did not see Ye Fan’s majesty.
He thought that Ye Fan’s backing was the country.
As everyone knows, in the eyes of Li Hongze, Ye Fan is the backer of this country.
In other words, people in the position of Ye Fan don’t need to support the mountain at all, because they themselves are the most powerful and majestic mountain!
Xu Junlin’s fall did not cause much disturbance here.
After all, it’s just an old thing that relies on the old and sells the old. Even if they have made military exploits in their early years, the country has given them the honor and treatment they deserve.
Now that they made a big mistake and died here, they are also responsible for themselves and cannot blame others.
Therefore, Li Hongze didn’t even look at Xu Junlin. Instead, he walked towards Ye Fan and said apologetically: “Mr. Chu, I’m sorry. It’s all we have no choice but to offend Chu Xian.
Give birth to you. ”
“But don’t worry, Mr. Chu, I will never end this matter like this.”
“When I go back, let He Lanshan investigate the matter thoroughly.”
“He almost caused a catastrophe. After learning this lesson, he will definitely not dare to have any wrong thoughts. He will definitely investigate this matter thoroughly and give Mr. Chu an explanation.”
“I wonder if Mr. Chu is satisfied?”
Li Hongze asked Ye Fan with a smile, polite and respectful words.

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