A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 231

“How about precious perfume? What about rare tea? The ones you are proud of are not worth mentioning in my eyes!”
“What’s more, I’m not worthy of Mucheng, this is our business, what to do with you?”
“What kind of thing are you?”
“What qualifications do you have to point fingers at me and Mucheng?!!!”
Ye Fan spoke sharply, with a chill on his face, and after a few words, they were like a knife, like a stone falling to the ground, throwing a sound.
Moreover, every time Ye Fan said a word, he took a step forward, and his aura rose by a few points. Until the end, he even shouted angrily, exploding with anger.
Under Ye Fan’s anger, Susie turned her pretty face pale and colorless in fright, and her face was panicked. Finally, her delicate body trembled and she turned directly off the chair. Full of panic.
Before this, Susie couldn’t imagine that this humble and incompetent country dick could show such a majesty and majesty?
Especially the words of Ye Fan just now made Su Qian feel like walking into the abyss, walking on thin ice!
It is as if standing in front of her at this time, it is not a humble and incompetent door-to-door son-in-law, but a very high-ranking, powerful and powerful boss?
Susie was taken aback at the time, she couldn’t figure out how a country bunny would feel this way to herself? Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
After speaking, Ye Fan also left, leaving only Susie with a panic face, there, lost for a long time.
“Cici, what happened to you 02ba38f0?”
“Could it be that Qiu Mucheng’s rubbish husband did not do anything to you?”
“This kind of poor dick, don’t say that people are poor, and their tempers are not small!” At this time, Xue Lin and Yang Qian heard the movement and went downstairs.
Seeing Susie sitting on the ground in panic, she hurried up to ask.
Susie calmed down from the tremor just now. After she glanced at Ye Fan who was still serving tea and wine in the restaurant, her panic disappeared, and she snorted angrily: “A waiter, Still that big tone?”
“Besides talking big, what else would you do?”
“Just rely on talking big to protect your only dignity.”
Susie naturally didn’t believe Ye Fan’s words.
He only thought that Ye Fan was so arrogant just to protect his only self-esteem.
After all, if Ye Fan is really a big man, how could he do such a humble job of serving people in a restaurant.
However, Susie at this time was obviously not in the mood to stay here any longer. After she stood up, she said she was not feeling well, and said farewell to Xue Lin and Yang Qian.
“Cici, give us a call when you get home.”
Soon, Su Qian left. The original meal was only Yang Qian and Xue Lin.
Not long after this meal, Yang Qian and Xue Lin went away in no hurry, chatting with each other. But when we talk about it, we talk about old classmates.
For example, who started a company and became a big boss, or who was promoted to become a deputy head of the county, but the discussion is more, it is the beautiful women in the class who married a good husband.
“Back then, we belonged to the most beautiful women in our class, especially Mucheng, who is even the school girl. I thought that in the future, Mucheng would definitely marry the best in our class, and the life will be the most moist. But now it seems that she has become the best. It’s bad. I can only say that Mucheng has no life.” Yang Qian sighed pretentiously, but she was very happy in her heart.
Instead, Xue Lin couldn’t help sighing, regretting that he didn’t insist on pursuing Qiu Mucheng back then, otherwise he wouldn’t let her suffer the way she does now.
With full of regret, Xue Lin drank several glasses of wine in a row.
Xue Lin really felt sorry for Qiu Mucheng.
During the conversation between the two, there was some riot downstairs.
Xue Lin and Yang Qian looked downstairs and saw a young girl who was slightly young and immature. She seemed to have hit someone. All the vegetables in her hand fell to the ground, the plate broke, and the oil splashed. The man next to him is in a suit.

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