A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 245

At this moment, there was a sudden wind here.
The wind of early autumn, with a cool chill, blew the tips of Ye Fan’s forehead and also a few willow leaves under the long pavilion.
It was at this time that Ye Fan, who had moved forward indifferently between the sparks and fire, quietly protruded his palms, piercing the flowers and picking the leaves, pinching the willow leaves with his two fingers, vigorously in the meantime, and his long arms Wave.
That piece of willow leaf, unexpectedly swift as a knife, flew out through the air, directly hitting Li Xueqi behind him.
Li Er and others, only heard a buzz.
Willow leaves brought a low sonic boom, and then hit Li Xueqi’s wooden sword.
The wooden sword broke at the sound, and the debris rained down.
However, that piece of willow leaf, after cutting the wooden sword, remained unabated. In Li Xueqi’s panic gaze, it whizzed past her ears and rushed towards the Tang costume old man Xinghe behind him! First URL m.
Xinghe was shocked immediately and hurriedly avoided.
But how fast the blade is, like electricity like light.
When Xinghe first discovered it, he had already screamed, and then in Xinghe’s desperate gaze, he wiped his neck and swept past.
Then with a clang, he hit on the column behind Xinghe.
“This…this is?”
“Plants, trees, bamboos and rocks can be swords!”
“Flying flowers and picking leaves will hurt as much as possible!”
Seeing this, Lao Er Li’s discoloration immediately changed, his whole person was completely mad, his old eyes almost widened. Finally, he squatted up from the chair and looked at the willow leaf that had penetrated more than three minutes into the stone pillar. His heart was shocked, his brows paled!
How could he not expect that such an almost magical method could be seen with his own eyes?
Long dead silence.
At this moment, there was no sound in the long pavilion.
Only the breeze was blowing, and the willow leaves fluttered.
Ye Fan had already left, leaving only the piece behind him, silently surprised.
Li Xueqi’s pretty face was pale, and she stood there like that, dumbfounded, the long sword in her hand now only had a bare hilt.
Until this time, Li Xueqi still did not recover from the tremor just now.
Before her eyes, the willow leaves seemed to be still flying!
Still have lingering fears!
Li Xueqi couldn’t imagine. If the willow leaf just cut on the wooden sword instead of on herself, what would happen to her at this moment?
Li Xueqi was panicked, and her teacher Xinghe was not much better than her.
Even if Ye Fan had already gone so far, Xing He still leaned on the stone pillar blankly, swaying his whole body.
The blade just now completely wiped his neck.
Xing He had no doubt at all, as long as that piece of willow leaves strayed a point, it was not this stone pillar that was penetrated at this time, but his own throat.
Yes, just now, he almost was sealed by Ye Fan!
Thinking of this, Xinghe’s spine was wet, panic, and finally the soles of his feet softened and he slumped directly on the ground.
Prior to this, he had never thought that the young junior they had despised just now almost sent him into the ghost gate!
Xinghe at this time, his old face was pale, just like that, his heart trembled with lingering fear, where there was still the majesty of the previous moment, and there was no pretense and arrogance when he angered Ye Fan.
After a long time, Li Lao Er took the lead to recover.
“Mr. Chu, it’s really a god-man.”
“My Jiangdong got Mr. Chu, then it is like a divine help!”
In the manor, Li’s second smile became a shame.

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