A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2500

“When did I snatch your things?”
“I have never seen you before!”
Lu Hua was puzzled.
“Still pretending?”
“Since you dare to snatch my soul fruit, why don’t you dare to admit it now?”
“Actually, I don’t want to embarrass you either.”
“Well, if you hand over the Yuan Ling Guo, I will let you go safely.”
“how is it?”
Chu Qitian was holding a teacup and looked at Lu Hua with a smile.
And the more Lu Hua listened, the more confused he became: “Essential Spirit Fruit?”
“What are you talking about?”
“We haven’t found the soul tree, where did the soul fruit come from?”
Lu Hua asked rhetorically.
And hearing this, Chu Qitian’s expression was completely cold.
With a bang, the tea cup in his hand was smashed to the ground by him.
“Toast and not eat fine wine, right?”
“In that case, don’t blame me for being impolite!”
“Come on, search me.”
“If you can’t find it, just hit me hard.”
“Keep fighting until he handed it over.”
Chu Qitian shouted angrily.
He has never been patient.
Especially when facing such an unknown role.
For Chu Qitian, it would be a waste of time to say a word to people like Lu Hua.
“Bad son, are you really fighting?”
“Ciao, it hurts me so much~”
“Wait, wait, wait for me to return to the summer, my family will not let you go~”
“my face!”
“Asshole, don’t fight~”
“Please, don’t fight.”
“I really didn’t grab the Yuan Ling Guo~”
“Please, let me go, I really haven’t seen it~”

In the beginning, faced with the beatings by Chu Qitian’s men, Lu Hua still looked like a clank.
But in the end, he couldn’t hold it anymore.
With a snot and tears, I couldn’t help begging for mercy.
The embarrassed look, where is the demeanor of the previous half.
“Give me back?”
“It looks like the bones are quite hard!”
“Keep hitting, hang me up, hit me to death.”
“And his two accomplices, also hang up and beat me.”
“When do I think their mouths can be so hard?”
Chu Qitian was also angry.
He doesn’t believe it anymore. He is the Young Patriarch of the Chu Family, can’t heal this group of scum?
“I am the president of the Southwest Budo Association in the Summer. How dare you insult me?”
In this way, Kong Ming and Lu Yanxi were also tragically implicated, and Chu Wenfei’s subordinates hung from the tree like dogs, and slammed their iron whips.
“Xiaohua, if you really take it, hand it over~”
“Otherwise, we will really be killed by you.”
After a long time, Kong Ming and others couldn’t hold it anymore, and persuaded Lu Hua.
Lu Yanxi was also beaten with bruises all over her body. She didn’t know if it was because of panic or pain.
She has been spoiled since childhood and has always been under the shadow of her father.
Nowadays, not only her life is in danger, but she is also suffering from such physical and physical suffering. As a weak woman, she can’t bear it naturally, and she is crying.
She suddenly regretted it. If she had listened to Ye Fan and stayed away from Lu Hua, she might not have been involved.
“Master Kong, I really didn’t take it~”
“Whether I can take the Yuan Lingguo, don’t you know?”
“Why don’t you believe me~”
Lu Hua was aggrieved and cried.
If he had taken it, it would have been beaten now.
But the point is that he has never seen the Primordial Spirit Fruit, but these people don’t think he took it.
Tiao, what’s all this?

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