A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 252

“In front of us upper class people, he will definitely feel inferior.”
“When this person has low self-esteem, he will be psychologically distorted and go astray. In the end, he will be like him and become someone else’s white glove, losing his dignity and giving his life to the powerful and powerful.”
“Now that you know how he really looks.”
“It just happened to see him clearly.”
“Listen to me, find an opportunity to divorce this kind of person quickly.”
“When I take down my male god, I will choose the wishful man for you with all my heart.”
“I believe this lady, with the beauty and talent of my Mucheng, she will definitely marry a wealthy man in the future and become a wealthy wife.”
Qiu Mucheng had already told her about Ye Fan.
At this time, Susie persuaded Qiu Mucheng to take this opportunity to divorce Ye Fan’s hillbilly.
He had long seen Ye Fan displeased.
“A rural turtle, who has no money and no rights, still wants to soak in my Mucheng?” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“It’s really a toad that wants to eat swan meat, wishful thinking!” Susie was full of disdain for Ye Fan.
However, Qiu Mucheng was upset, sitting there alone, facing Susie’s words, she didn’t say a word. It’s just that her brows are red, and no one knows what she is thinking.
“Hey, I really convinced you.”
“Aren’t you just a hillbilly?”
“As for, a look of despair.”
“Okay, I don’t care about you anymore. I have to see my male god.” Susie checked the time. It stands to reason that his male god should go to the window to play the harmonica at this point, but she was too late. Did not wait.
“Why hasn’t my male god appeared yet?”
“It seems that the harmonica was not heard yesterday.”
“Orange, don’t you think my male god would have moved away?” Susie panicked when she thought of this.
“Orange, what should I do, for the first time in so many years, I am so tempted by a person. If he really leaves and there is a huge crowd, where should I find him?”
Susie seemed to be really panicked, her tone was crying.
“If you are afraid of missing it, then go find him.” Qiu Mucheng whispered.
Susie took it seriously immediately.
“Orange, you are right. Love needs to be controlled by yourself. If I keep waiting like this, my male god will definitely miss me.”
“I have decided, I will confess tonight, with my ninety-nine love letters!”
Susie gritted her teeth and said vowedly.
These days, Susie wrote almost all her secret love in those love letters.
“I don’t believe it anymore, this lady is so sincere, still can’t touch my male god?”
Then, she didn’t hesitate anymore, holding her little pink wooden box full of love letters, and walked out of the room.
“Hey, haven’t you changed your clothes yet?” Qiu Mucheng suddenly stroked her forehead, this silly Nizi.
In desperation, Qiu Mucheng hurriedly caught up and pulled Susie back.
Half an hour later, Susie and Qiu Mucheng had already appeared at the door of the villa next door.
At this time, Susie had changed into an exquisite long dress, and she had carefully put on her makeup, dressed like a fairy, beautiful and moving. But the fairy is also afraid. The reason why she also brought Qiu Mucheng here was to give her courage.
“No, no, Mucheng, I’m nervous, I think we’d better forget it.” Susie was still persuaded after all, retreating in her heart, turning her head and going back.
Qiu Mucheng pulled her back: “Cici, have you forgotten what you said before?”
“It’s all at the door, so I can’t go back.”
“Come on, you are the best.” Qiu Mucheng encouraged.
Susie gritted her teeth again: “Mucheng, you are right. This young lady has a crush on him for so many days. Even if she fails today, then she must let him know her intentions. I’m going, good luck!”
Susie said domineeringly and raised her foot… after all she shrank back.
“Orange, let’s go home, I really dare not~”
“You~” Qiu Mucheng was about to be pissed off by Susie.
And just as these two silly women were talking in front of their house, the door of the originally closed room was opened.
The light in the room came out, and Qiu Mucheng and Susie were stunned when they looked at the person walking out of the villa.

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