A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2576

“The true qi I sent to you won’t protect you for long.”
“If you don’t immediately refining and breaking through, the true Qi escaping from your body will destroy your dantian veins, and you will really be a waste.”
Ye Fan realized the severity of the injuries in Yu Yun’s body after the treatment just now.
The wound in this woman’s body is by no means just as simple as that of her own palm.
More serious is that she was forcibly interrupted by herself at the critical moment of breaking the border.
Caused a lot of true Qi power to rampage in her body and wreak havoc.
This time, it was even more serious than the injury he had suffered under the Chu family’s old house.
If it doesn’t work, Yu Yun will really become a waste.
However, as the saying goes, misfortune comes and blessing relies on, and blessing comes as misfortune.
This situation is not necessarily a bad thing for Yu Yun.
As long as she continues to retreat and breaks through the realm smoothly with the power of the ice spirit fruit, she will be able to get through the blocked tendons in her body.
The true Qi that overflows across can also be gathered in the Dantian again through these tendons.
In this way, Yu Yun can not only solve the immediate crisis, but the cultivation base can go further!
However, what Ling Ye Fan didn’t expect was that his words were worth it, and this woman still didn’t want this ice spirit fruit.
“I said, I will never ask for something back.”
“So, this ice spirit fruit, I don’t want it.”
“If you don’t want it, then throw it away.”
Yu Yun said coldly, her cold words, with majesty without questioning.
Ye Fan’s face turned black when he heard it.
“I said eldest sister, it’s not something to promise or not to promise now.”
“It’s about saving lives.”
“You are almost gone, you know?”
“Listen to me, quickly swallow this ice spirit fruit, and then refine and break through.”
“I will guard you from the side, and I will never disturb you this time.”
Ye Fan was very angry, and said to Yu Yun again.
Sometimes, this woman’s stubbornness is really unreasonable.
This is burning eyebrows, but she is still here to estimate her majestic face.
While speaking, Ye Fan picked up the ice spirit fruit and sent it to Yu Yun’s mouth, asking her to swallow it quickly.
“I said, I don’t want it.”
Yu Yun didn’t know where the strength was, she pushed Ye Fan’s arm away, and at the same time shouted to Ye Fan with displeased eyes.
“This is for you, I don’t need it.”
“As for my injury, you don’t have to worry about it. I will figure it out myself.”
Yu Yun turned her head away, not wanting to look at Ye Fan anymore, let alone accepting this ice spirit fruit.
Ye Fan was stunned.
Staring blankly at the haggard woman in front of her.
Speechless for a long time.
Yu Yun thought that Ye Fan was angry, so she explained in a low voice again: “You really don’t have to worry about my injury. Without the ice spirit fruit, I still have…”
Yu Yun was still talking, but next, things that Yu Yun didn’t even dream of happened.
I saw Ye Fan, who was originally behind him, but he didn’t know when he had already walked to his side, and then he grabbed his neck and pulled it into his arms.
Immediately afterwards, in Yu Yun’s panic, the boy’s face quickly enlarged in her pupils.
Until the red lips are facing each other, the lips and teeth are dependent on each other.
At that moment, Yu Yun’s beautiful eyes widened sharply, her brain was blank, her delicate body stiffened like an electric shock.
In his nose, there was the wild, male breath of this man.
Yu Yun screamed, still struggling.
However, Ye Fan directly used his tongue to pry open all the defenses between Yu Yunxiang’s lips, and sent the warm and cool spirit fruit into Yu Yun’s mouth.

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