A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2740

Not only use one’s own strength to defeat the strong of the countries, one person takes over the tree of Yuanlingguo.
Moreover, on the isolated island, the young man is a man, and he is not open.
The king of Yintian burned the sky and retreated steadily!
Moreover, the protagonist of these brilliant achievements is just a young man in his twenties.
The information about Ye Fan had been revealed, and it was like a nuclear explosion, which immediately caused a sensation in the entire martial arts world.
“what did you say?”
“Even Burning Heaven was crushed and beaten by him?”
“Oh my God!”
“How strong is that?”
“At least it’s the top 20 in the top 20!”
“I didn’t expect such a terrifying old monster to hide in the land of hot summer.”
“Not the old monster?”
“You said he’s only in his early twenties, just a teenager?”
“Twenty-year-old titled master?”
“Are you playing with me?”
“This is absolutely impossible~”
“Being titled at twenty?”
“How could there be such a perversion in the world?”
“This must be fake!”
“It can’t be fake.”
“This is what the person who witnessed it at the time, personally said.”
“Many people can confirm~” “Even Fen Tian himself admitted that this young man named Ye Fan exists!”
All over the world, such conversations will no longer happen all the time.
Everyone’s first reaction after learning about it was almost tremor and incredible.
On the Wuzhe forum, there are also arguing about the truth of this message.
At the beginning, there were many forces competing for the Yuan Ling Guo. In addition to the nearly 100 people who suffered the slaughter, naturally some people who left the rainforest early have survived.
Just like Kong Ming and the others, they all survived safely.
The details of the experience in the rain forest are almost all told from the mouths of these survivors.
However, even so, many people still find it hard to believe that there really is such a young titled master.
Until one day, the Yanxia Wushen Temple suddenly updated the list of Yanxia Titled Masters.
Above, in addition to the long-famous Six Pillar Kingdoms, there was one more person.
Surprisingly, Ye Fan ranked seventh, title, Wushuang!
The announcement of this list, if the boulder enters the sea, makes the already noisy martial arts world again set off a huge wave.
Also let all the doubting voices disappear!
Yes, Yan Xia’s list undoubtedly confirmed the existence of Ye Fan from the official level, and also confirmed that his strength has indeed reached the title level!
“Oh my God!”
“This Ye Fan, actually exists?”
“The rumors are true!”
“He is indeed a titled master.”
“It’s just a pity, such an enchanting evildoer died early.”
“Then Fen Tian really damn it!”
“To bully the small, but to collude with others and play yin.”
“Indian martial arts, really are a group of despicable and shameless people~”
“The death of Ye Fan is destined to be a huge loss for our entire martial arts world.”
After reconfirming the authenticity of this matter, in addition to the tremor, everyone was more regretful.
After all, according to the situation at the time, the possibility of surviving such a serious injury is really slim.
In addition, Ye Fan had been out of contact for a long time last month, and he could basically confirm that he had fallen.

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