A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2828

“Let me tell you, if you want to see in this society, ability is secondary.”
“It depends mainly on relationships, acquaintances.”
Yang Xiao said contentedly, like the godfather of life, telling Ye Fan the principle.
“is it?”
“It seems that the relationship behind you is not small.” Ye Fan continued to ask.
“That’s natural!” Yang Xiao replied proudly.
“Boy, I’m not afraid to scare you to death.”
“I said his father was the head of the personnel department of this company.”
“The boss of this company is my younger uncle.”
“This is the head of the Mufan Group, who grew up with me. He is also a blood relative, a cousin.”
“With this relationship, for me, this Mufan Group is not free to come and go?”
“Also, I greeted my brother just now.”
“Let Yuhan be my personal assistant.”
“If she is not happy, don’t pass the interview.”
Yang Xiao’s eyes were full of triumph, and he looked at Ye Fan as if looking down at an ant.
“how about it?”
“Are you angry now?”
“Think this society is cruel? Feel the reality is unfair?”
“It’s completely different from what I imagined?”
“But what’s the use of being angry in your heart?”
“this is the truth!”
“Society is so cruel.”
“How can there be so many fair truths in world affairs.”
“Either you have money or you have a relationship.”
“A bastard like you who wants money but no money, it doesn’t matter if you want it, is destined to only become a loser and live forever at the bottom of society.”
“So, listen to my advice, don’t waste time here.”
“Give up your illusions, hurry up and pack things and get out.”
“Some things are not something a humble person like you can covet.”
Yang Xiao was arrogant, always speaking from Ye Fan in a superior tone.
That strong sense of superiority is almost beyond words.
However, Yang Xiao does have proud capital.
After all, he held important positions in this company when he was young, and almost all of the company’s executives were close relatives of his friends.
With this kind of relationship, Yang Xiao can indeed despise anyone present.
However, Yang Xiao originally thought that after telling the inside story of this recruitment, he would see the angry look of the young man in front of him and hear his unwilling roar.
However, what surprised Yang Xiao was that from beginning to end, the young man in front of him was exceptionally calm.
No matter what inside story he said, Yang Xiao didn’t see the slightest waves in his eyes.
This undoubtedly made Yang Xiao a little unhappy.
It felt like a fist hit the cotton.
No sense of accomplishment!
“Boy, are you angry with what I said?” Yang Xiao frowned and asked in a cold voice at Ye Fan.
Ye Fan chuckled, “Angry? Why should I be angry?”
“You~” Ye Fan’s words almost made Yang Xiao angry.
He clenched his palms, stared at Ye Fan viciously, and said coldly.
“My father is an executive of this company, and my father is more in charge of personnel affairs.”
“You are not as good as one of my contacts for ten years.”
“You are only my foil.”
“I can easily get the job you dream of just by relying on relationships.”
“Even the girl you like will fall into my arms.”
“Aren’t these enough to make you angry?”

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