A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2901

How strong is Ye Fan’s palm power?

In just an instant, it caused the turbulent waves to roll and make the huge waves surging into the sky.

The entire lake island on the West Lake collapsed in an instant.

The warriors who survived before, without exception, were all under Ye Fan’s palm, and along with the desert island, they were smashed into the bottom of the lake by Ye Fan.




“I am Grand Master Yanxia, ​​and I am the special envoy of the Martial God Temple, how dare you kill me?”


Before his death, He Chen, the special envoy of the Martial God Temple, had red eyes and roared hoarsely.

The stern sound resounded everywhere.

However, it didn’t help how Ren Na He Chen roared.


Finally, with a low boom.

The palm print covering the sky fell instantly.

Muscles and bones are shattered, and flesh and blood fly.

Grandmaster He Chen died suddenly on the spot.

The broken body was shattered by the water of the West Lake.

No one knows how much regret He Chen felt before he died?

After all, they still underestimated Ye Fan.

They thought that Ye Fan would definitely consume a lot of money after the battle with Lu Songliang.

With so many of them fighting together, they would lose to Ye Fan, and there would be no problem in protecting themselves.

However, He Chen never dreamed that Ye Fan’s strength would be so strong?

With one punch, one kick, and one palm, all the people’s reliance was blown up!

If he had known this a long time ago, it is estimated that He Chen and others would have been killed, and they would definitely not provoke the demon in front of him, right?


The cold wind is blowing up the waves.

At this moment, the entire West Lake is turbulent.

The sky is shaking and the waves are rolling endlessly!

And the remaining prestige contained in Ye Fan’s palm was still sweeping crazily in all directions.

He Yurou and Chu Wenfei, who had been hiding on the boat in the distance, looked at the oncoming huge wave, and their eyes were desperate.

The four of them knew very well that once they were hit by this huge wave, they would be like the shattered boulder.

Ye Fan’s might, even He Chen and others like martial arts powerhouses could not stop them, let alone a few of them mortals?

“Really, dying?”

He Yurou’s brows and eyes flushed, and she looked forward with a slight trepidation, feeling complicated.

She just didn’t expect that she would die in Ye Fan’s hands.

Chu Wenfei and others are desperate and full of regret.

They shouldn’t get in at the beginning.

I’m all right now, and I’ve suffered the disaster of the pond fish.

Obviously they didn’t do anything, but they are about to fall here.

However, just when He Yurou and others were desperate to die.

Suddenly, a green glow swept over, and immediately formed a strong barrier in front of He Yurou and the others to securely protect the four of them.

No matter how hard Ren Fengyu hits this barrier, he didn’t even shake it at all.

“I…we, haven’t we died?”


After a long time, the storm ceased.

Yang Zijiang and the other four people survived the disaster and shouted excitedly.

Only He Yurou looked up.

I saw a young man standing proudly in Tianhe.

Behind is the sea of ​​clouds churning.

At the foot, there is water from the West Lake.

His expression is majestic, his eyes are deep and far away.

The ethereal posture is just like the nine-day immortal statue who defies the world.

Looking from a distance, it makes people feel like facing a mountain, walking on thin ice, feeling endless surrender and kneeling.

As for the young man, the original island in the middle of the lake has disappeared, leaving only a vast ocean.

Above, there is blood flowing horizontally, and there are stumps floating.

The bloody and terrifying sight can be described as shocking!

Who would have thought that a few hours ago, there was still a lively and extraordinary title ceremony, and now it has become a scene of purgatory.

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