A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2914

“This bloody slaughter is beyond my Chinese martial arts.”
“We really cannot ignore this matter.”
“Gucheng, you will go to Jiangbei on behalf of Wushen Temple and find Ye Fan.”
“Let him come to Yanshan to confess his guilt.”
“If he refuses to resist, you can make an emergency!”
“Anyway, I will do everything possible to bring him to Yanshan.”
“I have to question him face to face!”
The Sword Saint said in a deep voice, the words were full of cold meaning.
“it is good.”
The King of Fighters immediately agreed.
Of course, after the Juggernaut announced the decision, the King of Fighters did not immediately go to Jiangbei, but summoned the Lu family and his sons to the hall and asked Ye Fan where he was.
“When you came, was Ye Fan still in Lin’an?”
In the Temple of Martial Arts, the Lu family father and son are much calmer than when they came, and they have long since lost their initial fear.
After all, in the eyes of Lu Hua and his son, as long as they reach Yanshan, they will be safe.
Lu Hua’s father was the titled master of China, and the Martial God Temple had the responsibility of sheltering the relatives of the powerful.
Therefore, as long as they kept hiding in the Martial God Temple, Ye Fan couldn’t help them.
“Return to the Lord of Fighters, when we came, Ye Fan was indeed still in Lin’an.”
“After he killed my grandfather, he went to our Lu Family Manor and slaughtered my Lu family.”
“But at this time, I guess he should have fled back to Jiangdong.”
“So if the King of Fighters wants to kill him, it’s best to go directly to Jiangdong.”
“As far as I know, Ye Fan’s relatives now live in Jiangdong Military Region.”
“If you go directly there, wait for the rabbit, and you will be able to wait for that kid.”
Lu Hua said viciously.
Mo Gucheng nodded, “Well, what you said makes sense.”
“That junior committed such a crime, he must have already left at this time.”
“It seems that if I go to find him, I should go to Jiangdong.”
After making a decision in his heart, Mo Gucheng did not delay.
Decided to go to Jiangdong to capture Ye Fan overnight.
Before leaving, the Juggernaut and others sent off in front of the temple: “King of fighters, be careful.”
“Then Ye Fan may not be as good as you, but since he can defeat Lu Songliang, his strength must have completely reached the title level.”
“Do whatever you can!”
“If you rely on the strength of one person, it is difficult to surrender him. Then tell me, I will send someone to Jiangdong to help you.”
Sword Saint said in a deep voice.
The King of Fighters waved his hand proudly, “No need.”
“It’s just a junior. It’s probably due to some monstrous chance that I have this achievement today.”
“However, junior is a junior after all.”
“I’m waiting for the background, is it comparable to a junior?”
“It is no exaggeration to say that my King of Fighters defeated him, just like defeating a dog!”
The King of Fighters drank proudly.
The sound of majestic domineering, only if thunder exploded.
Afterwards, he pushed open the door of the hall, and wanted to leave.
However, at this moment, the calm sky suddenly cooled down.
The air here suddenly became depressed.
Immediately afterwards, a sandstorm broke out.
At the end of Tianhe, there was a gust of wind.
Boundless leaves are rising one after another.
Looking from a distance, just like crazy demons dancing.
“this is…”
The movement in the distance quickly aroused the alertness of the Juggernaut and others.
The King of Fighters, who was planning to leave, also stopped.
Everyone looked forward.
I saw that under the dark night, a lonely icy shadow walked alone!
Where the edge is heading, it is the top of Yanshan Mountain!

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I suggest you give it a rest for a month or something. I’m currently reading a lot of unfinished novels too, and once I reach the end of what’s been posted, I only check once a week or something. Much more satisfying that way. Besides, if you wanna rush someone, go rush the author, although I doubt that’ll do much to help ?

Hahaha, have patience ? just like youre waiting for one true love but it will take a life time ?willing to wait here till forever ??

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