A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2938

But when the land of Yanshan was noisy, Jiangdong, thousands of miles away, was calm.
Since Ye Fan returned to Jiangdong, he took Qiu Mucheng and her mother back to Yunzhou.
Before, Qiu Mucheng and the others left their hometowns to avoid chasing by the Lu family.
Today, the Lu family in Jiangbei has been destroyed by Ye Fan, leaving only Lu Hua and his son alone.
It can be said that the Lu family is over. Even if Ye Fan is no longer, it will be difficult to threaten Ye Fan’s relatives in the future.
The threat was lifted, and Ye Fan naturally took them home.
The Villa at Yunding Mountain, which had been desolate for several days, was undoubtedly restored to life again.
I often hear cheers and laughter coming from the villa.
Every evening, you can smell the fragrance of delicious food.
This is Qiu Mucheng’s cooking.
In the year Ye Fan left, Qiu Mucheng’s cooking skills had undoubtedly already been known. Today’s craftsmanship is not much inferior to Ye Fan’s mother.
The home that was once torn apart because of Ye Fan’s fall, but now because of Ye Fan’s arrival, it has once again restored the warmth and happiness of the past.
After a brief reunion with Ye Fan, Qiu Mucheng returned to work and returned to the Mufan Group to take charge of work again.
As for Ye Fan’s mother, Ye Ximei, she was also transferred to Fenghai for recuperation.
After all, Fenghai’s branch office also needs someone to watch.
Ye Ximei hasn’t shown up for more than half a year, and she is now worried that the branch office there will be destroyed by her younger brothers.
Therefore, Ye Ximei just transferred to Fenghai to recuperate and supervise the work there.
“Mom, do you really want to go back?”
“I have arranged someone over there, so you can rest assured.”
Since his mother’s body has not completely healed, Ye Fan is naturally worried about his mother leaving.
“It’s okay.”
“After you treated me these few days, I feel better.”
“I haven’t gone back for more than half a year. The company, and your grandfather’s side, I always have to show up.”
“I don’t have to worry about it.”
“After I leave, stay with Mucheng well.”
“You brat, you owe her too much.”
“If you bear her, your mother will be the first to spare you.”
Before leaving, Ye Ximei pointed at Ye Fan fiercely.
Now that he had decided to return to Fenghai, Ye Fan naturally couldn’t keep her.
Soon, Ye Ximei left Yunzhou in a vehicle.
“Mucheng, let’s go back to the house too.”
“The medicine on your forehead should also be changed.”
After Ye Ximei left, Ye Fan called Qiu Mucheng and returned to the villa.
In the past few days, besides using the cultivation base to help his mother repair his body, Ye Fan’s other main task was to treat Qiu Mucheng’s scar on his forehead.
For ordinary people, this kind of scar may be difficult to eliminate for life, but for Ye Fan, it is not difficult.
However, in order to make Qiu Mucheng completely recover as usual, Ye Fan made a special trip to the old house of Chu family, consulted grandma too, and asked for some medicine.
After a few days, the scar on Qiu Mucheng’s forehead had really faded.
“Ye Fan, can this scar be completely recovered without leaving any traces?” Qiu Mucheng looked in the mirror and looked at the scars that were already faint, and asked again.
No woman does not love beauty, and Qiu Mucheng naturally does the same.
Although she had never told Ye Fan, but she was undoubtedly very concerned about this scar in her heart.
“Don’t worry, how good is your husband?”
“Life or death is nothing but bones, let alone this little scar.”
“Within seven days, you will surely recover and be as good as ever.”
Ye Fan smiled, while doting on Qiu Mucheng’s Qiong nose.

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