A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2960

Ye Fan’s words echoed, and his whole body suddenly resembled a dragon like a rainbow.
Even Mr. Han on the other end of the phone was only shocked.
In the end, Old Han gave up.
As expected, he still couldn’t stop this young man.
“Well, young master, now that you have decided, the old slave will definitely cooperate fully.”
“May you be successful~”
“The old slave is in Chumen Mountain, waiting for the dragon lord, the king will come!”
Yunding Temple, the cold wind is bitter, blowing sand in the sky.
After finishing the call, Ye Fan stood alone on this mountain until evening.
Outside the horizon, there are winds and clouds, cold currents all over the sky.
At the same time, the Four Seas Dragon God Order has spread all over the countries.
In an instant, it was like a huge machine, which started to operate after being hidden for ten years.
In the Middle East, Western Europe, and even the depths of Antarctica, several powerful auras appeared at this time.
Then, as if receiving a call, they all came to the land of China, the land of China, the Benz.
Raise soldiers for a thousand days, use them for a while.
“After waiting so long, is this day finally here?”
China, the depths of Western Xinjiang.
A girl with a long skirt fluttering like a fairy, looking at the dazzling red warm jade in her arms, suddenly her red lips lightened, she looked at the far east and whispered
However, it will take some time from the official launch of the Dragon God Order to the return of the “gods”.
Taking advantage of these few days, Ye Fan also happened to completely construct the Yundao Heavenly Great Array.
Yes, among the formations Ye Fan wanted to build, the Yunzhou Grand Formation was only one of the main formations, and Ye Fan was also preparing to build two sub-arrays.
The three formations have become a powerful force, protecting his loved ones together when Ye Fan is away.
Of course, for the other two divisions, Ye Fan was not planning to build in Yunzhou.
Here, the defensive formation of Yunding Mountain is sufficient.
On the last night in Yunzhou, Ye Fan drove the company downstairs as usual, waiting for Qiu Mucheng to get off work.
“Come here early today?”
“It seems that you have listened to what this lady said last night.”
“Growth is worthy of encouragement.”
As soon as she left work, Qiu Mucheng ran downstairs early.
In the past, Qiu Mucheng was the last one to leave in the company.
But since Ye Fan came to pick her up from get off work, Qiu Mucheng was back home.
As long as it’s off work time, I don’t want to stay in the company for a moment.
Of course, as the president of the company, Qiu Mucheng could leave at any time.
However, a good company leader should take the lead in complying with company rules and regulations.
Therefore, unless there are special circumstances, Qiu Mucheng still commutes at the prescribed time.
After going downstairs, Qiu Mucheng saw the teenager she was looking forward to. She smiled and looked forward to it, and got into Ye Fan’s car happily.
After returning home, Qiu Mucheng wanted to cook for Ye Fan, but was stopped by Ye Fan.
“My wife, let me cook today.”
“You worked hard at work, so take a good rest when you come back.”
Ye Fan tonight is gentler and considerate than ever.
Not only did she cook full of delicious food, she also took care of all the housework of washing pots and dishes, and even groomed Qiu Mucheng personally.
“Ye Fan, what happened to you today?”
“Did you do something wrong?”
“Or, is there something hidden from me?”
Ye Fan’s diligence was a little abnormal today, Qiu Mucheng was immediately alert, looking at Ye Fan with her beautiful eyes.
“Not how ah.”
“Isn’t it just right for my husband to love his wife?”
“Is it really moved?”
“Moved, want to give me a son?”
Ye Fancou smiled shamelessly.

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