A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2966

After speaking, the King of Fighters got up and left, and soon disappeared from the sight of everyone.
Behind him, Lu Ziming and the people from Jiangbei were ashamed.
“Could it be that there is no such thing as a Jiangdong boy in the scorching summer?”
Lu Ziming knelt down again, crying up to the sky.
At this moment, he only felt that the hatred of hundreds of people in their clan would be hard to repay.
When the King of Fighters entered the Temple of Martial Arts, Jian Sheng, Tang Hao and others were already there.
God of War Ye Qingtian is also here.
“These people are really persevering.”
“So many days, it’s still blocked outside.”
At this moment, Tang Hao was looking through the window at the group of warriors in the north of the mountain, and said helplessly.
“Is this strange?”
“If your relatives and friends fall, and the murderer is at large. It is estimated that your persistence will not be less than that of them.” Mo Gucheng raised his head and said coldly.
A few words blocked Tang Hao completely speechless.
“I can’t communicate with you.” Tang Hao was so angry that he didn’t bother to stand up with Mo Gucheng, turned his head and sat back.
“Okay, don’t mention the past.”
“On the Jiangbei side, my Martial God Temple will try to make up for it.”
“In the next ten years, the resources of the entire hot summer martial arts will be poured into Jiangbei.”
“I believe that soon, Jiangbei will have new powerhouses growing up.” The Juggernaut ended this topic with a few words.
After saying this, Juggernaut turned on the computer.
Immediately afterwards, several photos appeared on the huge display in front.
Although the photo is a bit blurry, it can be vaguely seen that a figure is moving in the air at a very fast speed.
Moreover, several other photos also have a similar one meter.
“this is…”
“Title Master!”
“Not one yet?”
The moment he saw the photo, Mo Gucheng’s pupils suddenly shrank, and his eyebrows trembled.
Traveling from the sky, this is almost a sign of a titled master.
The martial arts masters may also be able to fly into the air for a short time, but their strength cultivation base is simply unable to travel to the sky.
What’s more, the scene in the photo in front of me is still high in the sky at a distance of 100 meters.
“Yeah.” The Juggernaut nodded, “God of War and I also think that these people should all be titled masters.”
“However, the photos are blurred. We can only tell that it is not our hot summer title. As for who it is, further investigation is needed.”
Sword Saint said in a deep voice.
“This is where?”
“Is it our hot summer country?”
“In other words, have a lot of foreign titles sneak into my summer?”
The King of Fighters suddenly became nervous, his expression and tone became more solemn.
The appearance of a foreign titled master in the hot summer is almost as if someone secretly sent nuclear weapons into the border.
This is a major event related to the safety of the country.
How can the King of Fighters be calm?
The Sword Saint shook his head and said, “I haven’t entered my hot summer territory yet.”
“These photos were all taken outside the national border.”
“However, the shooting location is very close to my hot summer border.”
“Just in case, we have to guard.”
“Yeah.” The King of Fighters and Tang Hao nodded unhappily, “Suddenly there are so many titled powerhouses around our country. It really should be taken seriously.”
“Even if it is not for me, we should investigate clearly the origin and purpose of these people.”
Tang Hao said solemnly.
“This matter, let my son Wu Ya investigate.”
“It just so happens that his injury has healed.”
“Find him some work, more experience, and more experience.”
Not waiting for the Juggernaut and the others to arrange a candidate, the King of Fighters Mo Gucheng had already pushed his son Mo Wuya out.
“Well, that’s fine.”
“Wu Ya, this kid is a good seed, more experience and more opportunities.”
“With experience and achievements, I will praise the title in the future.” The Sword Saint nodded, and Tang Hao didn’t say anything.

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