A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2974

Outside, the moon was shining and the sky was dark.
In the study, Chu Zhengliang frowned and said to himself.
Those words seem to be a prayer, but also a self-comfort.
After a long time, Chu Zhengliang sighed again.
“The eventful autumn~”
When the Chu family sent a strong man to investigate the abnormal events that had recently occurred in various countries, Ye Fan had already returned to Fenghai.
In the manor of Nuo Da, there are pine and bamboo standing upright, and the fragrance of plum orchid.
In the manor, there is also a huge pond, with a thin layer of ice on the lake, like a mirror, reflecting the lake and mountains.
On the shore of this lake, there is a young man with thin clothes, fishing in the lone river.
In the rustling wind, the bamboo and cypresses by the frozen lake sway.
However, the young man in front of him was completely cold.
The wind and rain will not enter, and the ice will not invade.
When the young man was fishing, there was a respectful voice in the cell phone beside him.
“Report to the Dragon Lord that the first phase of the Liaoyuan plan has ended.”
“My Dragon Temple has destroyed hundreds of affiliated forces and families of the Chu family in Asia, Africa, Europe and other countries.”
“In terms of economy, it dealt a heavy blow to the Chu family!”
“This winter, the Chu family is afraid it will be difficult.”
“Moreover, what’s more gratifying is that the Chu family has also sent a number of strong internal guards scattered around the world to investigate.”
“The Chu family made a stupid decision.”
“Dragon Lord, now can be regarded as the weakest time for the Chu Family. At this time, troops are dispatched, and the great cause is determined!”
On the phone, Han Lao reported the recent results of the Dragon Temple.
Moreover, in the words, there is no lack of excitement and joy.
Before, Old Han was worried that the timing was not ripe.
However, as Ye Fan’s combination of punches came down, he found more and more that everything was developing in a direction that was beneficial to Ye Fan.
Perhaps, Ye Fan led the Dragon Temple, it is really possible to create an eternal miracle, and step down the world’s first martial arts giants.
However, in the face of what Elder Han said, Ye Fan was very calm.
“Old Han, the Chu family is not as simple as you think.”
“If only a few of the Chu Family’s inner guards are missing, it can affect the success or failure of my plan.”
“Then I don’t need to plan for more than ten years.”
“The true power of the Chu family is probably not known at all.”
Ye Fan said in a deep voice.
As for the energy of the Chu family, Ye Fan has always reported the biggest speculation.
In addition to the Chu family’s own heritage, Ye Fan even made preparations to resist the entire Chu Clan.
Therefore, only a few Chu family internal guards were brought out now. For Ye Fan, it was impossible to determine the success or failure of his plan.
“Okay, go ahead as planned.”
“Even if these trails can’t touch the foundation of the Chu family, they are enough to make the father and son panic for a while.”
Ye Fan said calmly.
Ye Fan didn’t pay much attention to these early plans.
After all, Ye Fan knew very well that the Chu family relied on their martial arts.
Now that Ye Fan suddenly cut off their financial sources, it could only cause a temporary panic within the Chu family, and it was not enough to shake their foundation.
If you want to really make the Chu family surrender, Ye Fan needs to use the power that makes the Chu family daunting.
In this world, only fists and strength can truly make people tremble and yield!
Soon, Old Han hung up the phone.
At this time, a tall and graceful woman walked out of the room and put on Ye Fan’s coat very intimately.
“Cousin Ye Fan, it’s cold outside, so wear more clothes. Otherwise, if you let Sister Qiu know that you are wearing such a thin dress, you will definitely be blamed.”
Ye Yuyan spoke softly, and there was a bit of shame in the words.
The main thing is that when she grows up, people always care about her and give her warmth. Now this is the first time she cares about someone, and the other person is still of the opposite sex.
For Ye Yuyan, who was exactly Fanghua, she was naturally a little embarrassed.

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Now waiting for Tang Yun to bring the baby to its father. Just feel sorry for Qiu Mu Cheng this confused lady. Been married for more than 3 years and still treats the husband as a brother whilst others are treating him as a man and making him a father

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