A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2980

After so many years, who knows that behind Ye Fan’s seemingly strong, that Qiancang Hundred Hole heart?
Returning to Chumen is Ye Fan’s obsession, but also his original intention.
If he doesn’t return to Truman, his heart is upset.
He settled this complaint, and he was always unable to reach a reconciliation with his past self.
It was this obsession that supported Ye Fan just now, gritting his teeth between life and death.
Feeling the sharpness of Ye Fan’s body, Ye Qingtian was stunned.
He didn’t expect that Ye Fan would have so many past events in his heart when he was young.
However, he should have thought of it long ago.
There are many things in the world, and only hatred is the strongest motivation to spur people to work hard.
“Now, your grievances should have been reported.”
“With your current strength, throughout China, there are very few family forces that can withstand your anger.”
“Now that the grievance has been reported and the resentment has been settled, why not look for a new pursuit for yourself?
“Along with me, protect China and shoulder the burden of the country?”
Ye Qingtian followed the temptation and said earnestly.
“Reported?” Ye Fan suddenly laughed, his smile was bleak and cold, and it was full of forest.
“The one who killed me is not dead, and the one who insulted my mother is still in a very high position and enjoys the glory.”
“This enmity can be called retribution?”
Ye Fan was a little gaffe, and asked sharply.
Ye Qingtian immediately calmed down and said, “Ye Fan, don’t worry.”
“With your current status and achievements, revenge is a matter of minutes.”
“And, if you want, I can come forward to help you.”
“You are my Chinese title, and my Martial God Temple personally canonized it. As the Chinese God of War, I have every reason to help you out.”
“Let’s talk about the person who insulted you and your mother back then, who was it, and what force.”
“You tell me that the god of war will bring them tomorrow and apologize to you and your mother on your knees.”
“Of course, the premise is that everything you said is true.”
Ye Qingtian said vowedly.
Seeing that, he was really ready to avenge this revenge for Ye Fan.
After all, Ye Fan has caused enough killings in China now, and if he kills again, it is bound to arouse public condemnation.
But if the God of War himself came forward to help Ye Fan solve this problem, it would not only sell Ye Fan a favor, but also prevent Ye Fan from getting blood on his hands.
However, facing the kindness of God of War, Ye Fan shook his head.
“You don’t have to be polite to me.”
“Just say it.”
“You and I have known each other for so long, why are you polite about this little thing?”
Ye Qingtian thought that Ye Fan was polite, because he was afraid to trouble him, so he refused his kindness.
But Ye Fan replied: “You think too much, I am not polite, but because of this thing, you can’t do it. In other words, you can’t afford to offend Ye Qingtian with this force.”
When Ye Qingtian heard this, he jumped up.
“You said I can’t afford to offend?”
“China is so big, who can’t be offended by my God of War?”
“It’s the King of Fighters and Tang Hao’s old boys who have annoyed me, and the God of War also smoked them.”
“You said, who can’t afford to offend me?”
For the first time in so many years, it was looked down upon.
Ye Qingtian suddenly exploded his hair, and there was a bit of anger in his words.
Ye Fan turned his head, looked at him, and smiled, “Chu family.”
“It turns out to be a small family.”
“Let’s talk, where is the Chu family.”
“Jiangdong, or Jiangbei, or Yanjing, or Zhonghai?”
“Tell me the address, and the God of War will kill tonight and capture their Patriarch.”
God of War is very heroic, very domineering said.
Facing the words of the God of War, Ye Fan only replied: “It’s one of the three Chu family of Chu family.”

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