A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2992

This sudden deployment undoubtedly made all the staff of the Martial God Temple panic.
It was almost the first time I encountered such a state of almost preparing for war.
When Ye Fan rushed to Yanshan last time, due to the sudden arrival, the Martial God Temple had no preparation at all.
“How about it, cousin Ye Fan, do you look good?”
In a shopping mall in the city center, Ye Yuyan just walked out of the fitting room after changing her clothes.
At this moment, she was stretching her body, showing her beauty like Ye Fan.
Ye Fan nodded and said with a smile: “Well, it’s pretty good.”
“Your figure is similar to Xiaolei. You wear it properly. I believe Xiaolei will look beautiful too.”
“Just this one.”
“Waiter, come and install it.”
After picking a circle, Ye Fan finally decided to buy this black dress as a gift for Xu Lei.
However, just after Ye Yuyan had just replaced this one.
Suddenly a large number of people poured in in the mall lobby.
They were wearing suits and black sunglasses covered half of their faces.
At the moment they appeared, a breath of murder filled the whole mall.
“Block this area, no one can approach without my permission.”
Among the crowd, the leader gave orders.
Soon, the number of counters near Ye Fan was completely cleared.
Only Ye Fan and Ye Yuyan were left in Nuoda’s territory.
“who are you?”
“What do you want?”
Facing this sudden battle, Ye Yuyan was also a little panicked.
However, after all, it was Captain Qinglong, and she quickly stood up and glanced at everyone in front of her dignifiedly.
However, no one paid any attention to him.
Without exception, the eyes of these people fell on the young man in front of him.
“Yuyan, step back.”
“These people are not something you can handle.”
Ye Fan seemed to have seen the identity of the other party and called Ye Yuyan back.
At the same time, he raised his head and looked at the leader, his icy voice, with a deep icy cold, quietly rang: “Such a big battle?”
“I don’t know Grandmaster Vast Sky, what do you want to do?”
“I should ask you this!” Tang Hao came up anxiously.
“Ye Fan, what do you want? What do you want?”
“You killed the Lu family, and Jiangbei Budo was half destroyed by you.”
“Even Nalu Hua, the martial arts court executed him according to your wishes.”
“Furthermore, the Martial God Temple has decided not to pursue your fault.”
“What do you want?”
“You have to smash the sky to make you satisfied?”
Tang Hao was angry and anxious, questioning Ye Fan.
Ye Fan was a little confused when he heard this: “I don’t know what you mean.”
“Pretend you less.”
“Are you coming to Yenching to find fault again?”
“Do you want to kill Yanshan again and disturb my Martial God Temple?”
“Ma De, no more games, right?”
Tang Hao said sharply.
Ye Fan was even more confused: “What are you talking about?”
“I came to Yanjing to see my sister. Why did I go to Yanshan to trouble you?”
“Don’t fool me, your details are clear in the Martial God Temple. Your only child, where’s your sister? Isn’t the only cousin next to you?” Tang Hao didn’t believe it at all.
Ye Yuyan explained: “You really misunderstood. My cousin Ye Fan really came to Yanjing to visit relatives, and he didn’t mean anything else.”
“Look at this skirt, it’s a gift my cousin picked to give away.”
Tang Hao was stunned. Seeing that Ye Yuyan didn’t seem to be lying, the original anger disappeared a bit.
He looked at Ye Fan again and asked, “Are you really here to visit relatives?”
“Not here to make trouble?”
Ye Fan rolled his eyes suddenly.
How does this guy talk?
Feelings are in their eyes, Ye Fan is an unstable person? National stability maintenance objects?
After Ye Fan repeatedly explained that he was only coming to Yanjing to visit relatives, Tang Hao breathed a long sigh of relief.
It turned out to be a false alarm.
“Visiting relatives is good, visiting relatives is good.”
“After visiting relatives, hurry home.”
“Also, you fellow, come to Yanjing less in the future.”
“Ma De, I’m scared by you.”
“Now when I see you, I get nervous.”

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