A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3001

However, in the face of Wei Luo’s inquiry, Ye Fan turned a deaf ear to it, as if he hadn’t heard him, and ignored him.
Still comforting Xu Lei with a smile at the corner of his mouth.
“Okay, Xiao Lei, don’t cry.”
“Can’t Xiao Fan make a mistake?”
“I apologize to you.”
“No, in order to admit your mistakes, I picked a piece of clothing for you.”
“Aside from Mucheng, you are the only girl who chooses clothes for Brother Xiaofan.”
While speaking, Ye Fan gently slapped Xu Lei’s lovely Qiong nose, and then hurriedly greeted Ye Yuyan to bring the dress he chose.
Ye Fan apologized so sincerely, and Xu Lei had no more complaints in her heart, and it was undoubtedly resolved at this time.
I have to say that Ye Fan is very good at teasing sister.
In a few words, the empress Yanjing in front of her burst into laughter.
The tearful eyes were full of joy and brilliance.
“Huh, it’s kind of conscience.”
Xu Lei pouted and said.
However, between the two conversations, Wei Luo on the side turned black with anger.
Dare to love that what he said just now was all as fart as a fart?
Ignore him.
Treat him as air?
“Smelly boy, is this young master talking to you?”
“Could you be deaf and didn’t hear?”
Wei Luo’s eyebrows were cold, looking at Ye Fan, gritted his teeth viciously.
However, no one paid attention to him.
Ye Fan didn’t even look at him.
Think about it, for Ye Fan today, don’t say that this little Wei Luo is the whole Yanjing City, how many people can he see?
Ye Qingtian might be one.
The rest is probably Xu Lei alone.
Because a person is thinking about a city.
If Xu Lei were not here, Ye Fan would not have come to Yanjing today.
“Do you still like it?”
“I remember, you like black.”
“So, when I picked it, I chose a black dress.”
“I believe that Xiao Lei in my family will put it on. It must be radiant and beautiful.” Ye Fan took out the skirt and let Xu Lei look at it.
Xu Lei only felt happy.
After so many years, she didn’t expect that her brother Xiao Fan would still remember her preferences.
It seems that Xu Lei, she really has a place in this heart.
“Why don’t it be true that the young master doesn’t exist?”
This time, Wei Luo couldn’t help it anymore.
The anger in his heart broke out instantly.
In so many years, Wei Luo has never been so ignored by people like he is now.
In anger, Wei Luo directly kicked over the table and chairs in front of him, cursing at Ye Fan and the others with a dark face.
The tables and chairs overturned, and the tea cups on them broke to the ground.
The splashing tea stained the skirt of the clothes Ye Fan just bought for Xu Lei.
Ye Fan’s face turned cold.
However, before Ye Fan had a seizure, Xu Meifeng couldn’t help it first, and she stepped out to scold Ye Fan for Wei Luo: “That’s right, you are a country boy, what is your attitude?”
“Don’t you have a bit of brute force, can you really think of yourself as an emperor?”
“My brother Luo talked to you, that’s the blessing that your bastard has cultivated in a few lifetimes.”
“Still posing here? Pretending to be cold?”
“What are you pretending?”
“No matter how you pretend, you won’t be able to conceal the smug breath of the soil buns on your body!”
Xu Meifeng cursed acrimonious and mean words there.
But Ye Fan ignored it, his gaze just fell on Wei Luo in front of him.
“This is Xiao Lei’s home, I don’t want to embarrass you.”
“Come here, wipe the water on it, and then apologize to Xiaolei.”
“If you soiled Xiaolei’s new clothes, I don’t need to pursue it.”
Ye Fan was expressionless, looked at Wei Luo, and said coldly.

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