A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3010

Just as Weiluo was thinking about it, there was a roar of cars outside the manor.
Hearing this sound, Wei Luo, Xu Meifeng and others were like chicken blood, and the whole person instantly became energetic.
“My master’s people are here!”
“Boy, wait for you to die?”
While grinning, Wei Luo and Xu Meifeng hurried to the door to welcome his arrival!
Sure enough, after Wei Luo’s words fell, several figures quietly appeared in everyone’s sight.
These people, in various suits and leather shoes, have a cold and sharp connotation between their eyebrows.
Between dragons and tigers, there is a hunting wind.
If it is a person with keen perception, it will inevitably be aware that the blood on these people is extremely compelling.
“This is, warrior?”
At the moment when he saw these people, Ye Yuyan frowned immediately.
She couldn’t help but worry a little too.
Could this Wei family also be a hidden martial arts family?
You know, looking at the entire country, the number of warriors is extremely rare.
Like the Xu family, there is no warrior in the whole clan.
However, the Wei family was able to mobilize so many martial arts experts, which had to make Ye Yuyan suspect.
Last time, the affairs of the Lu family disturbed the city and made the whole Jiangdong fearful.
Fortunately, in the end, Wushen Temple did not hold Ye Fan to blame, otherwise Ye Yuyan couldn’t imagine the consequences.
After all, in the eyes of Ye Yuyan and others, no matter how strong Ye Fan is, it is definitely not strong enough to compete against a country.
If this Wei family is also the martial arts family hidden in the summer, Ye Fan will fight against it again. Once the Martial God Temple learns about it, he will be furious, thinking that Ye Fan has to make progress.
“Uncle Liu, Uncle Li, you finally arrived.”
“I have been waiting for you for a long time.”
“Quickly, kill this bastard for me.”
Wei Luo smiled and urged impatiently.
However, what makes Wei Luo a little strange is that these people just passed him directly as if they had not heard his words, and continued to walk towards the front hall.
“Uncle Liu, where are you going?”
“Where am I?”
“By the way, where is Uncle Wang?”
“Why didn’t you see him?”
Wei Luo didn’t think much, thinking that they didn’t notice him, so he chased up and said again.
However, he was still ignored.
When Wei Luo was puzzled, there was a sneer outside the manor door quietly.
“Your Excellency should be Master Wei.”
“Xue Renyang, the head of the Xue family, accidentally killed one of your subordinates just now.”
“I feel guilty, so I personally come to apologize to you.”
“Tongshan, throw that corpse up, so that Master Wei can take it back, so that it can be restrained.”
Between chuckles, Xue Renyang waved his hand.
Beside him, a strong man swung his arm and threw a person’s body in front of Wei Luo.
After seeing the corpse, Wei Luo trembled, and his old eyes were huge.
“Uncle Wang?”
“This this..”
“How dare you kill Uncle Wang?”
“Xue Renyang, you are so brave!”
“My Wei family is cooperating with you, that is to give you a face.”
“But you don’t know whether you live or die, you dare to move people from my Wei family. How can I, Wei Luo, forgive you?”
After seeing Uncle Wang’s body, Wei Luoton felt angry.
This Uncle Wang has been with him since he was a child as a bodyguard. He has been one of Wei Luo’s most trusted people for decades of friendship.
But he never expected that his Uncle Wang would actually die in the Xue family.
“Damn it!”
“You Xue family, all deserve to die!”
“Uncle Liu and Uncle Li, listen to my orders and immediately kill this old thing for me!”
“Don’t worry about the cooperation agreement?”
“Everyone who killed my Uncle Wang should die! They should die!”
Wei Luo roared fiercely.

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