A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3026

“You sent someone to Yenching?”
“To deal with King Yanjing?”
Wei Guang asked three times, full of anxiety.
“Yeah, I was about to tell you that your nephew Wei Luo was in trouble with Yanjing. I sent a distress message a few hours ago, saying that the king of Yanjing appeared. The strong man he brought
All lost their hands. I sent Master Han over. ”
“It just so happens that our Wei family has been coveting the market in Yanjing for a long time. This time, with the momentum of thunder, we will get rid of that Yanjing king in one fell swoop and take over his industry over there.”
Wei Chen spoke confidently, calm and confident, as if everything was in his plan.
However, who would have thought that as soon as Wei Chen’s words fell, Wei Guang’s whole body was immediately impatient.
Jumped up from his seat and yelled at his brother: “Brother, you are confused!”
“Quickly, call Master Han and let him come back.”
“Otherwise, everything will be irreversible~”
Wei Guang was anxious and roared at Wei Chen.
Wei Chen suddenly became a little confused: “Second brother, what is going on, why are you panicking?”
“A little King Yanjing, a rising star, do you still think your elder brother can’t handle it?”
“Just rest assured, your eldest brother will not fight insecure battles.”
“Although the king of Yanjing has been so powerful in recent years, to put it bluntly, his true dependence in Yanjing is nothing more than the Xu family and the Xue family.”
“These two forces combined are not enough for our Wei family to fight.”
“Last year, the Patriarch of the Xu family was hindered by the prestige of my Wei family, and he personally came to apologize.” Wei Chen said calmly.
“That is, it’s just a rising star. It’s not a matter of minutes for our Wei family to deal with him.”
“Why be so flustered?”
The rest of the Wei family also agreed.
But Wei Guang interrupted them directly and said anxiously, “Fuzzy, you are all confused.”
“Then King Yanjing, as I said before, stepped on the two red-colored giants Jiangdong Zun, Ye Fan!”
It is like a huge rock falling into the sea, setting off huge waves.
In an instant, all the people in the house trembled.
The audience is silent!
Wei Lu’s eyes widened, and Wei Chen’s eyebrows trembled.
The entire Wei family’s seniors were so shocked that they opened their mouths and gasped.
“He…they, are… alone?”
“My God~”
“A young man, holding Jiangdong in one hand and Yanjing in the other?”
“This… is it possible?”
“Mr. Chu, is it possible that he is not a god?”
The tremor of the crowd could not be further increased, and it was hard to believe that there would be such a powerful person in the world.
After knowing this information, Wei Chen couldn’t help but become nervous, and frowned at Wei Guang: “Second brother, are you really accurate in this information?”
“This King Yanjing is really Mr. Chu from Jiangdong?”
Wei Chen confirmed again.
“Brother, you can’t be wrong.”
“Then Xu Lei, the head of the Xu family, was previously in Jiangdong and served as the president of Hongqi Group.”
“Known as the goddess of Jiangdong.”
“She and Mr. Chu’s unfavorable relationship may have been hooked up at that time.”
“Later, Xu Lei was transferred back to the family and wanted to be married to someone else.”
“Mr. Chu was so angry that he went to the capital single-handedly to fight the heroes!”
“On Yanqi Lake, he became famous in a single battle, and frightened the entire Yanjing.”
“With this, I helped Xu Lei up to the position of Queen Yanjing, and took the place of Yanjing for him!”
“These two Mr. Chu are actually the same person~” While investigating the changes in the Lu Xu family, Wei Guang has also been investigating the identity of the sudden rise of King Yanjing.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t check it, Wei Guang only learned the monstrous secrets below!
After learning of all this, Wei Guang immediately rushed to the family non-stop to inform them all, so as to prevent the family members from encountering the king Yanjing head-on.

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I know what you mean….. Feels like all of Ye Fan’s opponents are brainless or shallow. Evidently someone who can take control of a whole damn region probably has background ?

Looks like the Wei family may have made a grave mistake in going head-on with Ye Fan….. No wonder Wei Guang was very alarmed & flustered!!!

Can’t wait for the conclusion of this several chapters of the Wei Family going head on with Ye Fan.
Great work on the updates… keep em coming

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