A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3130

“After all, the purpose of these people here is to protect Tang Yun from leaving. Not to deal with us.”
Tang Hao slowly analyzed.
“I guess so.”
“I just don’t know, what happened to God of War.”
“Tang Yun, is he left behind?” The Sword Master thought slowly in a low voice.
However, just as the two Juggernauts were talking, the king of fighters beside him snorted and vomited a mouthful of blood.
Immediately afterwards, his body shook, and the King of Fighters Mo Gucheng fell directly to the ground.
“King of Fighters, what’s wrong with you?”
“Are you okay?”
Tang Hao was shocked immediately and asked anxiously.
But the King of Fighters had fainted at this time.
The most miserable person in the battle tonight is the King of Fighters Mo Gucheng.
Before, he was afraid of being embarrassed, so he kept relying on willpower to hold on, and he didn’t fall.
Now that the crisis is lifted, the string in Mo Gucheng’s heart is loosened, and the injuries on his body can’t be suppressed.
A mouthful of dirty blood was spit out, and the whole person fell down.
Seeing this, the Juggernauts naturally did not dare to delay, and hurriedly took the King of Fighters back to heal their injuries.
As for the intruders, the Juggernaut and others have no thoughts about it.
Can’t control it!
The opponent’s forces are too strong.
Has exceeded the upper limit that the Martial God Temple can handle.
“As expected of Truman.”
“The majesty revealed at will makes me look out of the dust in the hot summer.”
Thinking of this, the worries in Juggernaut’s heart became even worse.
Over the years, the Juggernauts have worked hard to cultivate talents for Yanxia martial arts.
It was just to make a comeback one day when Chu Sect returned to attack the scorching summer, so that they would not be as passive as they were in the past.
But Sword Saint was slightly frustrated that after so many years, the martial arts powers of Yanxia and Chumen were still far behind.
Only the power revealed by Truman tonight made them helpless.
You know, this does not include the other two family owners?
Moreover, this is the situation where Tang Yun, the master of Trumen, lost his combat effectiveness.
“Hey, the gap is still huge~”
In the dark night, there was a faint sigh.
In that sigh, there were all worries and worries about the future of the country.
“It would be great if Chu Tianfan hadn’t fallen.”
“Back then, he exploded the Japanese martial arts with a single person. With time, I am afraid that he will be beyond the existence of the God of War.”
“It’s a pity, God won’t bless my hot summer~”
On the way back, Juggernaut thought a lot.
He just thinks about a certain way out for the future of Yanxia martial arts.
It’s really uncomfortable to feel like the life and death of a country’s martial arts being held in one’s hands.
However, within a short period of time, Yan Xia Wudao wanted to rely on its own power to protect itself from the majesty of the Truman, and the Juggernaut still found it difficult.
Fenghai, the old house of the Chu family.
“Too grandma, open the door.”
“I am Xiao Fan.”
As soon as the day was faintly bright, a rapid knock on the door broke the calm of the town.
However, what came first was not the footsteps of Grandma Ye Fantai, but a rush of dog barking.
Surprisingly, the big black dog that Ye Fan’s grandmother kept in captivity ran over and barked at Ye Fan through the crack of the door.
“This dog, go and call my grandma.”
“Hurry up~”
“Otherwise, we will kill people.”
Ye Fan urged anxiously.
As if the big black dog could understand Ye Fan’s words, he actually turned his head and ran away.
Not long after the door opened, a gray-haired old lady, leaning on a cane, appeared in Ye Fan’s line of sight.
After a long absence, the old prince of the Chu family is still the same kind and kind.
However, after seeing Ye Fan, the old lady suddenly raised his cane and lightly hit Ye Fan.
“Boy, how long hasn’t you seen your grandma?”
“I still know to come back.”
“Look at me not breaking your leg.” The old lady scolded with a smile.
“Too grandma, beat me and scold me later, save people first.” While speaking, Ye Fan rushed into the old house with Tang Yun in his arms.

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Let them know that tang yun is his wife. And also that ye fan is the real dragon lord and not tang yun. This shits angers me.

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