A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3223

Before, Xu Lei and others had also seen Ye Fan fight with others.
Such as the Taishan martial arts battle, and the Yanqi Lake battle.
But at that time, it was all one-on-one open battles.
But now, Ye Fan is one against five. As far as Xu Lei and others are concerned, it is the first time he has witnessed, so he is naturally nervous.
The strong wind blows away the rain curtain, and the vigor shatters the cold leaves.
Under the gaze of everyone’s eyes, the attacks of unequal people swept towards Ye Fan’s place like this.
The surging power can only be irresistible if the ocean storm sweeps across the square.
“Not good~”
Lu Tianhe and others seemed to feel the horror of this attack, and their old faces suddenly changed.
Immediately urged everyone to retreat away, so as not to suffer from the panic.
“Miss Qiu, let’s hide first~” Li Er hurried to Qiu Mucheng to persuade him to stay away.
But no matter where Qiu Mucheng was willing to leave, she bit her red lips tightly and said stubbornly, “I won’t go!”
“Ye Fan is still here, so I won’t leave.”
“Hey, Miss Qiu, why are you doing this?” Li Er had no choice but to sigh for a long time.
At this time, the attack from the unequal people had already reached Ye Fan.
At that moment, Qiu Mucheng and others suddenly became extremely nervous and anxious. In the end, they cried out and eagerly shouted, “Ye Fan, avoid it~”
The trembling voice, the anxious tone, mixed with the complicated rain, quietly sounded in this dark night.
The boy, who had been expressionless, turned his head and looked at Qiu Mucheng after hearing Qiu Mucheng’s words. He smiled faintly at Qiu Mucheng, “Mucheng, don’t worry.”
“But the generation of ants can’t hurt me.”
“I’ll go to Nima!”
“Will you be ashamed when you die?”
“Still ants?”
“I think you have read a lot of novels, is there something serious in your mind~”
Ye Fan’s words angered unequal people.
One of the old men didn’t hold back even more, swearing directly at Ye Fan.
After living for most of their lives, they can be regarded as the pinnacle of power and power.
How many people, how many powerful forces respect them.
But now, a junior, actually said they are ants?
How can these self-esteem elders calm down?
In addition to anger, the offensive on his hand was once again fierce.
“Go to hell~”
Amid the anger, the combined attack of the five great masters swept past.
In just an instant, he swallowed the young man in front of him.
Endless storms, rolling up all the wind and rain.
Thousands of raindrops were directly vaporized in this power.
The soaring mist swept across the sky and the earth.
There was no wind or rain at the sight, only a layer of white water vapor remained.
As for the thin figure of the young man, it also disappeared in the mist.
“Ye Fan~”
Qiu Mucheng burst into tears for an instant, and the rain enveloped his tears and flooded his entire face.
That kind of feeling, like the heart, shattered in an instant.
Regardless of the pain in her arm, she rushed into the rain curtain desperately, towards the cloud of white mist.
“Miss Qiu, don’t go, it’s dangerous~”
Li Er and the others hurriedly held Qiu Mucheng to stop her from running over.
“Let go of me~”
“You let me go.”
“I’m going to find Ye Fan~”
Qiu Mucheng struggled violently, her sad voice was heartbreaking.
However, no matter how she cried, Li Er still gritted his teeth and stopped her firmly.
Mr. Chu is gone, so Qiu Mucheng is one of Mr. Chu’s only relatives left in the world.
Moreover, in Qiu Mucheng’s body, she might still be pregnant with Mr. Chu’s blood.
If Qiu Mucheng also fell here, then this bloodline of Mr. Chu would be completely broken.
Therefore, in any case, Li Er had to guarantee the safety of Qiu Mucheng.
“Jin Bao Yin Bao, immediately take Miss Qiu back to the Villa at Yunding Mountain.”
“If she loses a vellus hair, I will stamp you to feed the dog!”

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Xu Lei has never witnessed this, I thought she had been kidnapped before and all these people present today were present at the Lake when the Japanese was defeated. At the mountain they also witnessed, if only you could summarise the story so s not to forget,ehehehe

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