A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3373

Chu Zhengliang flushed his old face, even if he lowered his head, he didn’t dare to speak at all.
Seeing this, Chu Yuan undoubtedly understood it instantly.
It seems that what Ye Fan said is true.
“Huh, a bunch of insignificant things.”
“Where is Chu Zhenghong, let Chu Zhenghong come out and see me!”
“Also, how did the position of Chu Family Patriarch become you?”
“Didn’t I pass it to your elder brother?”
Chu Yuan had just come out of the mountain now, and many things were undoubtedly confused and unclear.
“Father, this is a long story, and my son will slowly tell you in the future.”
“But Big Brother is definitely not in Chumen Mountain at this time.”
Chu Zhengliang said with a guilty conscience.
Chu Yuan snorted coldly, unwilling to look at Chu Zhengliang.
Then, turning his head to look at Ye Fan, he said coldly: “I don’t care if your words are true or false, but the matter is very important, and I need to find out before making a decision.”
“Nothing to check.” Ye Fan replied in a deep voice.
“The Chu family’s Patriarch promised himself that everyone heard it with his own ears. Can there be fakes?”
“Moreover, I came to the Chu family here, and I didn’t intend to kill.”
“It was these old Chu family dogs who turned back. After defeat, not only did they not abide by the agreement, they also became angry and besieged and killed me.”
“If it weren’t for these scum of the Chu family to force me, the Chu family wouldn’t be reduced to this.”
Ye Fan looked at Chu Yuan and said coldly.
Seeing that Ye Fan was so reluctant, Chu Yuan’s expression was undoubtedly even more ugly.
“You are young, don’t you understand me?”
“This matter is very important, and I will talk about it after I discuss it!”
“On the contrary, it’s you.
“I’ll spare your life, you don’t know how to be grateful, you are still talking nonsense.”
“I advise you, if you don’t want to die, leave as soon as possible.”
“Otherwise, when I change my mind, the moon god will protect you, and I will also kill you on the mountain of Trumen!”
Chu Yuan didn’t have much patience, and threatened Ye Fan coldly.
For Ye Fan’s request, Chu Yuan was undoubtedly angry.
Not to mention whether this agreement is true or not, even if it is true, today’s Ye Fan undoubtedly no longer has the qualifications to require the Chu Family to fulfill the agreement.
After all, Ye Fan is already the defeated opponent of Chu Yuan, and it is his great kindness to let him go. This guy didn’t know that he would accept it when he saw it, and he even asked them Chu Family.
It is strange that Chu Yuan is not angry for fulfilling such a promise.
“Master Chu, don’t show yourself how kind.”
“If you really have the ability to kill me, just do it.”
“I, Chu Tianfan, don’t need your kindness.”
“It’s your Chu family, who doesn’t believe in words. Does this mean you don’t have a face?”
“Of course, if you, Chu Yuan, in the name of a powerful hero in the world, openly admit that the Chu family is shameless, then I will no longer ask you to fulfill this promise.”
Ye Fan sneered, not giving Chu Yuan any face.
Anyway, Daoyi is on his side.
Even if the Chu family didn’t fulfill the agreement, Ye Fan would have to let the Chu family’s reputation be discredited.
In short, this visit to the Chu family won’t be a waste of time.
“Boy, I don’t think you can see the situation clearly.”
“Could it be that you really think that if the Moon God is supporting you, I can’t help you?”
“Don’t forget, you are seriously injured. When you start your hands for a while, the Moon God is held by me. When the time comes, my Chu family will join forces and will not be able to kill you, a dying one.
people? ”
“It’s just that you are really capable. With your broken body, you can stop me from the strong people of the Chu family. What about the people of the Chu Sect?”
“On Mount Chumen, there are not only strong people from my Chu family, but also strong people from the other two Chumen families.”
“If you don’t know if you see it right, you will accept it, then I, Chu Yuan, can only accept your dog’s life!”
“I don’t believe it anymore. You can deal with the many powerful people in Truman with a broken body?”

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