A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3388

Today’s Chu family, although the population is prosperous.

But among the descendants of the Chu family, there are not many plastic talents.

Chu Qitian counts as one.

In addition, Chu Yuan is now such a grandson as Chu Qitian, and he naturally attaches great importance to it.

In this way, the Chu family in panic began to treat Chu Qitian anxiously.

And the remaining members of the three families of Truman also went back individually.

The damage caused by Ye Fan was not only in the Chu Family Manor, but even the mountain gate of Chumen was also destroyed by Ye Fan.

The Trumen naturally had to deal with these damaged things.

“Sect Master, this hot summer child has caused so much loss to our Chu Sect.”

“Even several elders were injured by him.”

“Also, in the previous rain forest battle, we were killed by this man, the great elder of Truman.”

“His grievances are by no means only with the Chu family.”

“He hasn’t paid off our Truman debt yet?”

“Sect Master, I suggest that we should immediately make a plan to siege this child!”

“In addition, this hot summer boy seems to have a lot of internal responses in my Tru Sect.”

“The old man from the Chu family is, and so is the little girl from the Jones family.”

“Moreover, apart from that, there should be other internal responses among the three Chumen families.”

“I suggest that we should conduct a thorough internal investigation immediately to clear out these traitors from the Truman, and then kill them all, in order to behave like you!”

After returning to the sect, the elders of the Chu Sect successively entered the admonition, hoping that Tang Yun could take action against Ye Fan.

Originally, these suggestions made by the elders of Truman were justified.

But when Tang Yun heard this, she was furious.

“What does the great elder say about this?”

“Do you want to put me Tang Yun in a place of insincerity and unbelief?”

“Then let the world laugh at me!”

Tang Yun’s words were cold, and the temperature in the hall dropped sharply.

The elder Truman was immediately panicked, bowed his head and said not to dare.

“Don’t dare?”

“These days, you even dare to change the Chumen Sect Master behind my back. What else do you elders dare not do?”

Tang Yun’s words made all the elders in the audience pale.

Many people immediately explained: “Sect Master, who do you listen to?”

“They talk nonsense!”

“Okay, don’t pretend anymore.” Tang Yun had already seen through these old things, “I know, from the moment I became the head of the Chumen Sect, many of the elders here have not convinced me.”

“However, the master does not mind.”

“If you don’t accept me, if you have the ability, then defeat me.”

“I put my words here, who can defeat me, I will take the initiative to abdicate!”

“Before that, Truman still regards me as his master.”

“What I said before, if you don’t follow the crowd, don’t blame my master for punishing them severely!”

“But the sect master, that Chu Tianfan…” Some elders of the Chu sect were unwilling and wanted to talk about Ye Fan.

Tang Yun frowned again, and the majestic pressure was released like a sea of ​​abyss: “Isn’t what I said clearly enough?”

“From now on, Chu Tianfan and Chumen will have no grievances!”

“As long as the Chu Sect belongs to him, no one can provoke him, including his relatives and friends!”

“And An Qi, I watched growing up with one hand, she will not do things that are against Chumen’s interests.”

“When she becomes an adult, I will accept her as a disciple, as the second personal disciple of the master.”

“This matter ends here.”

“I don’t want Zongmen to hear any talk about Chu Tianfan in the future.”

Tang Yun’s few words directly put an end to today’s chaos.

When Bill Jones and others heard this, they were immediately grateful and thanked Tang Yun again and again, “Thank you, the master!”

“The master of the door knows the righteousness, this kindness, I, the Jones family, will remember it in my heart!”

“I promise that I will discipline the little girl strictly in the future and will not let her do anything unusual.”

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We should ask the author to finalise on this book, I am sure there will be an attack to dethrone Tang Yu in order to attack Fan,the Chu’s are bad people, and the author likes talking alot

Actually tang Yun is a very nice hearted person. I don’t know why yefan can’t see it. Tang Yun help yefan so many times but don’t claim credit.

I have a feeling someone will overthrown tang yun

Will Chu Yuan and the elders sneakily try to defeat Tang Yun to kill Ye Fan and the others? They may vote her out since Chu Yuan has returned. If challenged, she may not be sect leader during this month of respite.

I think so too. They will vote her out or Chu Yuan will defeat her and become the sect master. This will put Tang Yun against her teacher because Chu Yuan will go to Summer to look for the Yundao book. If we remember, the formation Ye Fan did has not been used. Also Chu Yuan will not accept Ye Fan cutting the resourcesof the Chu family. If Chu Quitan does not survive the attack, they will look for Ye Fan to make peace.

I wish they’ll overthrow TangYun as SectMaster. Once they’ve done that TangYun won’t be duty bound to defend the truman sect and she’ll be free to protect YeFan. As I said before, right now TangYun’s character is more interesting than MuCheng. We still don’t know her and her family backstory. And besides she’ll have more use to YeFan when it comes to future battles.

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