A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3574

“Damn it!”

“He committed suicide!”

Truman’s people walked over and took a look, and when they saw that the other party had lost their breath, they suddenly cursed with anger.

After that, everyone didn’t waste any more time, and they all returned to Chumen Mountain to count the wounded.

Osk’s attack may have caused limited casualties to the Trumen personnel, but it undoubtedly almost destroyed the entire Chumen Mountain environment and buildings.

There are ruins and gullies everywhere.

The remaining flames, with black gunpowder smoke.

There are very few buildings in Nuo Da Zongmen that are still well-stored.

“This damn Chu Tianfan!”

“I really fucked his family…”

The sect was destroyed, Tang Xian and the others had the heart to kill Ye Fan, and their resentment towards him was undoubtedly stronger.

“Old Sect Master, have you caught up with that hot summer child?”

“We must not let him escape!”

“I will continue to take people to chase now!”

“Then Chu Tianfan must have fled in the direction of Yanxia by sea.”

Tang Xian wanted more and more angry.

Tonight, he was bombarded by artillery fire twice in a row. One can imagine how angry Tang Xian should be.

While talking, Tang Xian was about to take someone out to chase after him.

But it was stopped by Chu Yuan.

“No need.”

“After the notification, all the personnel outside will temporarily give up the pursuit, and all return to Chumen Mountain, waiting for instructions.”

“This…” Tang Xian was taken aback when he heard the words.

“Old Sect Master, I don’t understand.”

“Then Chu Tianfan has lost his cultivation now, it is the weakest time.”

“We don’t chase at this time, that is undoubtedly letting the tiger go back to the mountain.”

“In the future, if we wait for Chu Tianfan to come back, and we want to get rid of him, we will have to pay a thousand times more.”

Tang Xian was puzzled and asked Chu Yuan in confusion.

Chu Yuan replied indifferently, “Don’t worry, he can’t escape.”

“I made my own plan!”

“This time, I will not only let him die in the ocean, but I will also bring back all the majesty we lost in Truman.”

Chu Yuan’s cold voice slowly sounded.

No one knew what was brewing in this old man’s heart.

“What about the master of Tang Yun?”

“Are we not rescued?” Tang Xian asked.

Chu Yuan replied, “I have brought her back.”

“But she was persecuted by Chu Tianfan and was seriously injured.”

“During this time, I let her retreat from her wounds.”

“None of you should bother her.”

Tang Xian was undoubtedly overjoyed when Tang Yun was back.

After so many days, I finally heard a good message.



The Pacific Ocean is vast.

The eyes are full of boundless blue waters.

Under the shining of the sun, blue light was reflected.

It was another evening when the sun was setting.

Ye Fan and his party continued eastward on the cruise ship they were on.

The surface of the sea is extremely calm, and through the clear water, you can see the fish and shrimp playing below.

In the distant horizon, there were several melodious seagulls crowing.

“Brother Xiaofan, look, the scenery on the sea is so beautiful.”

“Beautiful, like a fairy tale.”

“No blood, no strife, no killing.”

“Only the quiet sea and the fiery sunset.”

In the cabin, Xu Lei just hugged her Xiao Fan brother, while looking at the boundless sky outside the dazzling window, while talking idiotically.

In her arms, the man seemed to fall asleep.

His eyes were closed tightly, his breath was faint, and the wind blowing from the window made his eyelashes sway.

It’s been several days.

Several days have passed since Ye Fan was found fainted on the deck.

However, for so many days, the man in front of him has never woken up.

Li Er and the others came to see Ye Fan almost every day.

Xu Lei, on the other hand, never left.

She guarded her Xiaofan’s brother day and night.

“Brother Xiaofan, do you know?”

“For so many years, I have been looking forward to having such a period of time.”

“Just like now, there is a sky, a sea, a warm sunset, and a gentle sea breeze.”

“The most important thing is you and me.”

“You are lying on the beach, blowing the sea breeze leisurely. And I, lying in your arms, resting your chest, listening to your every breath, counting your every heartbeat…”

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Feel sad for Tangyun and yefan. Also feel sad for osker. I hope yefan family will be safe and hope to see god of war and chu Zheng hong

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