A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 382

Who is Ye Fan, that is the sky in Jiangdong today.
Li Erye respected him like a father, and Chen Ao of Jianghai respected him like a god.
Such monstrous characters, is it too late for Shen Fei and the others to fawn? But Wang Liang, a fool, actually framed Ye Fan as a thief.
After slapped Wang Liang with a slap, Shen Fei quickly turned around and apologized to Ye Fan.
“Brother Fan, I’m sorry.”
“It is our Shen Group who is unclear about employing people and offended Brother Fan.”
“Don’t worry, I will call the personnel department and open this dog-seeing bastard thing.”
“Our Shen Group, although not one of the top enterprises in Jiangdong, is definitely not a place to hide dirt.”
“This kind of dog looks down on people and never keeps it.”
Shen Fei apologized again and again, but in his heart he kicked Wang Liang’s heart to death.
These days, the relationship between their Shen family and Ye Fan has finally eased a lot. If it is because of this Wang Liang that they have put so many days of hard work in vain, their Shen family is afraid they will have no place to cry. Remember to read in one second
Seeing Shen Fei’s respect to Ye Fan, everyone on the side had already stayed.
“Really…really sent it?”
Susie’s beautiful eyes widened, she looked at this scene in disbelief, her heart was full of waves.
“This… how is this possible?”
“The prince of the Shen group, actually called that hillbilly Fan.. Brother Fan?” Qiu Muying was dumbfounded, her brain was blank, she only felt that the world was too disillusioned.
As for Wang Liang, he was even more dumbfounded.
Looking at Shen Fei, who was full of congratulations to Ye Fan, he was full of remorse in his heart.
Only at this moment did he realize what kind of character the so-called rural son-in-law was like?
I’m afraid that even the Shen family can’t afford to offend a big man!
Thinking of this, Wang Liang was so angry that he couldn’t wait to kick Qiu Mucheng and his wife to death.
This is the country dick silk in your mouth?
This is what you call the door-to-door girl fe999805 son-in-law?
Even the prince of the Shen group is so respectful, this is a monstrous big shot!
Wang Liang almost cried.
Ye Fan apologized to Shen Fei, but smiled faintly: “It’s okay, the forest is big, naturally there will be all kinds of birds. More staff education will be strengthened in the future.”
While talking, Ye Fan walked to Wang Liang and stretched out his hand: “Manager Wang, should I return the things?”
Now Wang Liang, where there is the slightest arrogance and pride before, facing Ye Fan’s words, he dared not put one fart, obediently took out the ring from his bag and gave it to Ye Fan.
After Ye Fan got it, he looked at Shen Fei on the side: “Master Shen, I think it’s better for you to explain to him, so that you can treat people as thiefs in a random way.
Shen Fei quickly agreed, and then a pair of cold eyes stared at Wang Liang who was lying on the ground: “Listen, this ring is given to Brother Fan by this young master.”
“You are so courageous, you dare to grab a gift from the young master?”
“You’re a dog-seeing thing, now go to the finances to settle the salary and quickly roll me up!”
“Our Shen Group has a small temple and can’t tolerate such a powerful person as you.” Shen Fei roared angrily.
Wang Liang was about to cry at that time: “Don’t, master~”
“I have worked in the Shen Group for half my life, and I will soon become a member of the five ranks. Now that you open me, which company needs me?”
“Master, I was wrong, you go around me this time~”
Wang Liang held Shen Fei’s thigh and couldn’t help begging.
“Go away!”
“Does anyone want you to care about me?”
“It almost broke my serious business. It would be nice if you didn’t lose money.” Shen Fei said angrily, kicking Wang Liang away.
There was no way, Wang Liang had to ask Qiu Muying, Chu Wenfei and the others: “Wen Fei, Yingying, you help me beg your sister and brother-in-law, let them speak nice things for me.”
“I fell to this point today, not for the two of you, you two can’t have a conscience~”
Wang Liang almost begged.
He was also in a hurry to go to the doctor, so he asked Qiu Muying and his wife to ask Ye Fan and them?

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