A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 389

During the conversation between Qiu Mucheng and Su Yuanshan and the others, no one noticed that Ye Fan’s brows wrinkled slightly at this time.
With a little doubt and slight surprise, Ye Fan looked around, but if Qiu Mucheng looked at Ye Fan’s eyes at this time, he would definitely see a little inaudible light in his eyes.
After a long time, Ye Fan smiled unexpectedly: “Unexpectedly, this Yundao Heavenly Book still has such a purpose.”
But think about it, let the Chu family be regarded as the treasure of the family heirloom and passed down from generation to generation, is it a mortal thing?
“Mucheng, look at your old… old driver. He looks like a countryman entering the city. I guess he has never seen such a scene in his life.”
Seeing Ye Fan who smirked all around behind her, Susie was contemptuous.
Fortunately, I was witty and didn’t tell my father and brother that Ye Fan was Qiu Mucheng’s husband. Otherwise, it would be so embarrassing to have never seen the world before?
Qiu Mucheng didn’t answer. Instead, Su Yuanshan gave Su Qian a glaring look: “You Nizi, you still look down on people. Brother Ye is from the countryside. It’s the first time I saw this scene. It’s normal. Didn’t you just look surprised?”
“Can I be the same as him? My name is appreciation, and what he is like is that the toad sees the swan meat and salivates.” Susie said with disgust.
Qiu Mucheng was no stranger to this.
Anyway, Susie and Ye Fan didn’t dislike it for a day or two. The two seemed to be natural enemies, and Qiu Mucheng felt that it was better not to let them be together. First URL m.
“Ye Fan, if you like it, just shop around. I, Uncle Su and the others will go to the other side. We will gather here in a while.” Qiu Mucheng said to Ye Fan.
Ye Fan nodded, only said good words, and then walked forward.
“Hey, I said you can just look at it, don’t touch it, don’t touch it, it’s all antiques, you can’t afford it if you break it?” Susie’s disgusting voice came from behind, and Ye Fan ignored her and ignored her.
“Mucheng, will he just steal things when he sees things? I’m really afraid that he will cause you trouble.” Susie reminded.
“It’s okay, let’s go too.”
Soon, Qiu Mucheng and his party followed Su Yuanshan and strolled around in this antique exhibition hall.
At this time, Ye Fan had arrived at the largest exhibition hall in the center of the venue.
There is a sign of “Eight Treasure Hall” erected next to it. Although Ye Fan has not heard of it, it can occupy such a large venue here. This Eight Treasure Hall is probably also famous in the antique industry.
Inside there are many bronze, jade, and porcelain wares from all dynasties and generations.
“Well, Shen Fei and the others are also here?” Ye Fan looked up, but saw that Shen Fei and the others happened to be inside at this time.
Inside the Babaotang.
Shen Fei and Han Shaojie looked around in the Babaotang. Now that the time for the rough bidding has not arrived, they simply walked to the antique exhibition hall nearby to take a look.
“Shaojie, how about it, are there any good things in it?”
“Babaotang is a well-known old sign in the antique industry in Yunzhou. The authentic Tang Bohu that my father gave away was bought from this store.” The two of them have been shopping for a long time, and the quality of the old objects in other stores Han Shaojie is not interested in any of them.
In the end, Shen Fei took Han Shaojie into the Eight Treasure Hall and let him palm his hands.
“Yeah.” Han Shaojie nodded, “The things in this shop are really good, and the quality is a few better than those outside.”
“Hahaha, that’s good. It’s up to you to get rich this time. Quickly, help me choose one.” Shen Fei didn’t dabble in these antiques, but Han Shaojie understood.
I used to go out with Han Shaojie out of gambling on stones, shopping for antiques and so on, making a lot of money.
Therefore, for Han Shaojie’s vision, Shen Fei was extremely convinced.

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