A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 416

Su Yuanshan laughed and eased the atmosphere in the room.
Qiu Mucheng didn’t argue any more, she said too much at this time, but it made people feel like she was robbing Susie’s husband.
Qiu Mucheng has already decided, and the big deal will be when he will take out the marriage certificate directly. Facts speak louder than words!
“Dad, why don’t you believe it?” Susie was bitter and eager, and she wanted to explain, but where did Su Yuanshan listen to her nonsense.
“You Nizi, are you deliberately angry with me?”
“Is Brother Ye the husband of Mr. Qiu, Mr. Qiu does not know?”
“People Qiu always said that Brother Ye is just one of her drivers and bodyguards. If he is Mr. Qiu’s husband, wouldn’t Qiu always admit it if he is hiding?”
“Could it be that you are afraid that you can’t get it?”
Su Yuanshan couldn’t say a word, who was confused by Su Yuanshan.
Qiu Mucheng lowered her head as she listened, feeling a bit of guilt for Ye Fan in her heart.
Although she said that Ye Fan was her driver before, just to act in a scene with Susie. But Qiu Mucheng also had to admit that at that time, she had already acquiesced in fact that Ye Fan’s husband could not do anything through this method. First URL m.
Now that the matter ended up like this, Qiu Mucheng couldn’t blame Ye Fan, she and Susie could only be blamed.
This meal took about an hour before it ended.
At the dinner, Su Yuanshan exaggerated and exaggerated Ye Fan’s, very kind.
Looking at it from the side, Qiu Mucheng felt extremely ironic.
Ye Fan’s real father-in-law and mother-in-law dismissed him, but the fake one in front of him was enthusiastic and caring in every possible way.
Even Qiu Mucheng at that time had an idea, maybe she really should let go and complete Susie and Ye Fan.
Leaving himself and their current home, Ye Fan will undoubtedly have a better life.
After lunch, Su Yuanshan took his son Sunan back with his son Sunan because of the company’s business.
Before leaving, Su Yuanshan still grabbed Ye Fan’s hand and reluctantly said: “Good son-in-law, don’t forget to tell your parents about this marriage when you go back. If you are ready to call me, we will make an appointment with a time and place Meet your parents too, I call Cici there, so she can give it to you.
After instructing it several times, Su Yuanshan and his son left.
And Grandpa Gu Long seems to have something to go back. Before leaving, Gu Longen also grabbed Ye Fan’s hand and said stubbornly: “Little sir, I won’t give up.”
“You teacher, I’ve confirmed it.”
“I have something to do now, so I won’t accompany you to go shopping with you.”
“But sir, if you really look down on President Su’s daughter, I also have a granddaughter. Although she is still in college now, she also has a pretty water spirit. She is definitely not inferior to President Su’s daughter, and she has a temperament. She is better than her, and her body is more slender than her. The more important thing is that she is younger than her, she is a post-zero, is still in school and can be trained~”
“Why don’t you think about it?”
The old man winked at Ye Fan with an old and rude look. If this scene were seen by the old son, he would be furious.
My own daughter was just sold by my father?
Ye Fan was also bitter when he heard it. In addition to perfunctory laughter, what else could he say: “Okay…well, I will contact you when I look down on her, so please leave as soon as possible.”
The old shameless guy finally left, but Ye Fan wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, but he didn’t wait for him to breathe a sigh of relief. Qiu Mucheng and Susie’s eyes were as cold as knives, but everything fell. Ye Fan.
“You still look down on Miss Ben?”
“Does this lady still look down on you?”
“You hillbilly, what right do you have to pick and choose here!” Gu Longen almost angered Susie by what she said just now. Although she didn’t like Ye Fan, she couldn’t accept that someone said she was inferior to other women? Or a college student who is still in school, or a junior girl who is younger than her?

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