A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 425

“Master, what are you doing?”
“This No. 2 woolen material, haven’t I reminded you a long time ago?”
“Although there are many bands of pythons on the surface of this rough stone. Gambling on the stone world, ten pythons and nine greens. The possibility that this rough stone looks green like this is indeed very high.”
“However, to judge the quality of a stone, a comprehensive assessment is required. Except for the green spot where the python belt is, the whole stone is brown, and it looks like a stony color from a distance.”
“Anyone with experience knows that there are ten stubbles and nine collapsed in the original stone. ”
“Therefore, the risk of this stone is too great. If the price is only one million, you can take a bet. Now that it is over ten million, the gain is not worth the loss.”
“And master, I even suspect that the python band on this stone was manually processed later. The possibility of this stone being a waste rock is extremely high. I feel a loss for three million. You even shouted 15 million. ?”
“Betting on the stone world, don’t use volition.”
“Master, think twice!”
Hearing that Sun Yuhao unexpectedly went to bid for the No. 2 rough stone, Lao Li on the side was shocked and quickly discouraged him.
When they looked at the stone just now, the No. 2 rough stone was not among the candidates at all. Now that Sun Yuhao is suddenly bidding, Mr. Li only thinks that he is too impulsive, purely impulsive. First URL m.
Listening to Mr. Li’s persuasion, Sun Yuhao sneered and replied in a low voice: “Old Mr. Li, don’t worry, I know it in my heart.”
Sun Yuhao smiled coldly, with a touch of cunning.
At this time, Shen Fei’s face went black when he heard someone robbed him of the stone.
With full of anger, he cursed harshly.
“Which thing that doesn’t have eyesight, what the young master fancy, he has the courage to grab?”
And just as Shen Fei looked around, trying to find the guy who didn’t have long eyes, Sun Yuhao’s faint laughter was heard immediately: “Master Shen, what you said is wrong. Of course, this auction is expensive. Whoever gets it.”
“Such a precious rough stone, of course, who owns the money?”
“If Young Master Shen can’t afford too much money, it’s better to just say it straight. My Sun Yuhao can’t let you be. It’s all about making friends.”
Sun Yuhao stood there proudly with one hand in his pocket, his almost mocking tone made Shen Fei very upset.
“Let me?”
“Just kidding, I need you to let Shen Fei?”
“Master Ben tells you, my Shen family in Yunzhou, the most important thing is money!”
“I’m going to order this rough stone.”
Shen Fei was obviously irritated by Sun Yuhao, sneered, and immediately drank: “Two thousand,197.74 million!”
“Twenty million, Master Shen gave twenty million?”
“As expected to be the prince of the Shen Group, he is really lavish!” The auctioneer was already happy at this time, and said excitedly.
She didn’t expect that not long after the opening, there would be tens of millions of rough stones.
“Twenty-one million~” Sun Yuhao continued to increase the price. Now that the price is up, Sun Yuhao is obviously cautious, only increasing by one million.
“A Fei, that kid only increased the price this time. Obviously, his stamina was insufficient and he was frightened by our aura. Listen to me, you will increase the price by another 5 million to bid, so surely he is scared that he dare not bid!”
“I’ve seen a lot of auctions. In addition to fighting for money, the other fights are an aura.”
“This time, we directly used the domineering aura to completely stun this short-sighted thing, and see if he dare to bid with us next?” Han Shaojie saw that Sun Yuhao’s aura had begun to wither, he suddenly laughed, and then Suggested to Shen Fei.
“Okay, Young Master.”
“Look at how this young master crushes him with his momentum!”
“Fighting with my young master, I have to show him today, Lord Ma has a few eyes!” Shen Fei also snorted, and then he raised his card and drank domineeringly, “Two…”
However, when Shen Fei was about to bid again, Ye Fan grabbed him from behind and said in a deep voice, “Listen to me, don’t follow.”
“That stone is a piece of scrap, it’s not worth two thousand.”
“The reason why Sun Yuhao bid with you is to deliberately raise the price to cheat you.”
Two thousand are not worth?
When Shen Fei heard this, she was shocked: “Brother Fan, are you kidding me?”

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