A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 452

“Is it acting like a spoiled man to embrace a strange man? Or is it charming to seduce a married man?”
Qiu Mucheng smiled faintly, but the laughter was icy, with an awe-inspiring chill.
The cold aura caused the temperature here to drop a bit.
Lin Mei’er’s face turned pale at the time. Although Qiu Mucheng didn’t say anything, all the fools could see that it was the Empress Zhenggong who appeared.
Lin Mei’er never thought that Ye Fan’s wife would be beside her.
Now that Qiu Mucheng had just heard it, Lin Meier was of course guilty and frightened. She lowered her head and stammered, but she didn’t know how to answer.
Seeing Lin Meier’s appearance, Qiu Mucheng didn’t embarrass her anymore.
“I know that you act like this is also for your livelihood, and you have to.”
“But to be born, the most important thing is to cultivate oneself.”
“Relying on your physical appearance to win the favor of others, what is the difference between you and selling your hue?”
“Miss, I hope you will know…self-respect in the future!”
Qiu Mucheng’s last words were like a golden stone falling to the ground with a sound.
The sound of “self-respect” was even more shocking, making Lin Mei’er’s delicate body tremble.
I don’t know why, read countless people, and I can say that I have seen Lin Meier in many worlds. At this time, under Qiu Mucheng’s aura, she didn’t even have the courage to speak, and she was a little embarrassed.
Lin Mei’er suddenly understood why Ye Fan remained unmoved when facing herself.
Also, with a wife like Qiu Mucheng, how could Ye Fan still like the flowers outside.
Even Lin Meier had to admit that no matter her appearance, figure, or temperament, she couldn’t compare with Qiu Mucheng at all.
This woman is not only talented, but also very powerful!
Speaking is also aggressive, sentence by word!
Make Lin Meier almost self-confident.
“Why are you standing here? Why don’t you come with me?”
“Why, you can’t stand your loneliness, do you really want to see the more beautiful scenery outside?” Qiu Mucheng stared at Ye Fan at this time and said angrily, with deep resentment in her words.
Although Ye Fan withstood the temptation of Lin Mei’er, the physical contact between Ye Fan and Lin Mei’er just now still made Qiu Mucheng very uncomfortable, as if something belonging to her had been violated by others.
She doesn’t know why she feels this way?
In short, there is an inexplicable resentment in my heart.
In this regard, Ye Fan was not angry at all, but was very happy.
After all, this shows that Qiu Mucheng, a woman, still cares about him.
Immediately, Ye Fan walked out and smiled, comforting Qiu Mucheng: “Mucheng, don’t you be angry?”
“The scenery at home is so good, why should I look outside again.”
“Do you know there is a poem saying that once the sea is hard for water, but Wushan is not a cloud.”
“In my heart, you, Qiu Mucheng, are the vast water in the sea and the graceful cloud on Wushan Mountain. After seeing you, where is there anything else in my eyes?”
Ye Fan couldn’t help coaxing. After a while, the dark clouds on Qiu Mucheng’s pretty face disappeared, and an inexplicable smile appeared at the corner of her mouth again.
Seeing this moment of effort, Qiu Mucheng made Qiu Mucheng smile. Shen Fei and Han Shaojie next to them both stared blankly, admiring Ye Fan even more in their hearts.
“Unexpectedly, Brother Fan is not only a master of gambling on Shi Jianbao, but also his skill at coaxing sister paper.”
“Shaojie, take a look and see what Brother Fan is capable of picking up girls. You have to learn from Brother Fan in the future.”
“If you have the skill of Brother Fan, you won’t be single, you are still a virgin in your twenties?” Shen Fei shook his head and sighed from the side.
“Shut up, you will die if you don’t mention this, right?!” Seeing Shen Fei revealing his scars again, Han Shaojie suddenly cursed and wanted to kick him to death.
Ma De, don’t I want face?

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