A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 4522

“If you kill my great-grandson, you will sacrifice your lives to my great-grandson!”

The old man’s face was suddenly cold, and the long-suppressed sadness in his heart was now transformed into anger and murderous intent.

She first let Chu Lin enter the room, and then waved her arm.


It was just such an understatement blow, the wind and clouds swept wildly, the sky changed drastically, and the time and space in front of him was almost shattered by the old man.

The power compressed to the extreme in an instant can penetrate almost everything.

After the gate was opened, this sharp edge pierced through the void and slashed in all directions!

“Grandma Chu, it’s me”

Suddenly, there was a shock from outside.

Only then did the old man look up, and through the open door, she saw clearly who was coming.

The old man was shocked immediately, and all the murderous intent and chill suddenly dissipated. After knowing that he had admitted the wrong person, the old man quickly withdrew his authority.

But even so, the overflowing strength still lifted the ground nearby.

It is conceivable that if the blow just now hit a person, what kind of terrible destructive power it would cause!

“You girl, don’t say anything before you come.”

“Nearly, Grandma Chu will send you to see King Yan!”

The old man’s words were slightly reproachful, and he looked at the woman in front of him and spoke slowly.

At this time, Chu Lin also came out of the room.

This little guy hid behind the old man like a kitten in his life, with his big eyes full of curiosity and fear, he secretly looked at the woman who suddenly visited in front of him.

This is a very beautiful aunt.

She is wearing a purple dress, her delicate eyebrows and eyes are like those of the characters in the painting, and her graceful and noble temperament is even more embarrassing.

In Chu Lin’s memory, she has seen many beautiful aunts.

Like Xu Lei, like Chen Nan.

However, the little guy has always thought that the most beautiful woman in the world is his mother, Qiu Mucheng.

However, until he saw the aunt in front of him, Chu Lin’s little heart couldn’t help being shaken.

It turns out that in this world, there are aunts who are even more beautiful than their own mothers.

When Chu Lin was looking at the other party, the other party was also looking at him.

Lush beauty, high nose bridge, copper-colored skin, of course, the most beautiful are his eyes.

Good eyes, just like his father’s.

“He is, the son of that man.”

Even though she saw Chu Lin at the first glance, the woman already recognized him.

However, she still asked.

In the words, there is trembling, excitement, and longing

In short, all kinds of emotions are contained in it.

Unconsciously, the eyes of this stunning and graceful girl were already flushed.

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If I remember correctly Chu Lin has met Tangyun during the battle he even begged his father not to hurt her but now the author is saying they are meeting for the first time I don’t believe it. Secondly the author one said that Mucheng was the most beautiful among all women now he is saying Tangyun is surpuses Mucheng with beauty

I dont think tangyun wud refer to her son as “that mans son”
But tang tangrui shud be “trembling, excited and longing”
And neither should moon good.
That said tangrui is the most likely one. Who else knows where grandma lives?

This novel shpuld have ended with the death of chu yan just dragging us along and trying to recreate stories or give more context

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