A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 4747

She would rather, Ye Fan stabbed her with the Yunyang sword.

Instead of these words.

“do not talk”

“Stop talking”

The moon god burst into tears.

These words of Ye Fan undoubtedly reminded those who once again of those sweet moments between her and Ye Fan.

Cherry blossom trees under Dongjing city, sunset on Skytree,

There is also the feeling of passing poems for thousands of miles back then

Luna’s emotions were almost on the verge of collapse.

The conflict between soul and body almost tore her whole body apart.

“What are you doing?”

“kill him!”

“Kill him soon.”

“Give him another sword, and cut off his head!”

In the mind, the words of the strange demon emerged again.

He kept giving orders to the moon god.

The imprint of the soul in the body of the Moon God is playing a role, constantly urging the body of the Moon God to kill Ye Fan.

“don’t want”

“I do not want”

“He is my master”

“I can’t lose my master”

“I can’t kill my master”

The body and the soul are fighting, and the spirit belonging to Suzumiya Yingyue is also struggling and resisting against the strange demon.

However, strange demons are extraterritorial beings that have existed for thousands of years.

Even the mental power of the Moon God can’t compete with it at all, let alone Suzumiya Yingyue.

Luna knew very well that her current struggle would not last long at all.

Soon, she will be completely controlled by strange demons.

But, she doesn’t want, really doesn’t want to kill Ye Fan, she can’t do without her master

Luna was in great pain, and the schizophrenia nearly caused her to collapse.

“Yueyueer, let’s do it”

“For you and me, it’s a relief”

Seeing Luna’s painful appearance, Ye Fan was heartbroken.

He also knew very well that the Moon God who had been imprinted with a soul could not stop the spiritual power of the strange demon.

This consumption will only increase the pain.

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