A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 537

“Mucheng, why are you sad because of a few unnecessary people?”
“Let’s go, go home!”
When Qiu Mucheng was aggrieved and cried, Ye Fan stood up again.
He stretched out his hand and gently wiped away the hot tears on Qiu Mucheng’s face. There was pity in the eyes of the woman in front of her.
No one can truly appreciate the sadness in Qiu Mucheng’s heart at this time like Ye Fan.
Because, Ye Fan also experienced a similar scene.
Now Qiu Mucheng is not like Ye Fan back then.
At that time, Ye Fan also regarded his father as his strongest support, and regarded the Chu Family as his deepest 343dc240 belonging and spiritual sustenance.
However, the family that was once respected by Ye Fanzun has hurt him time and time again, and in the end they ruthlessly swept him and his mother out.
Even so, the Chu family did not spare their mother and daughter.
For so many years, Ye Fan did not know how many assassinations from his family had been encountered. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Sometimes Ye Fan couldn’t believe that the Chu family were so cruel. After driving him away, he and his mother still don’t give up, they must be killed!
Ye Fan’s sense of belonging to the Chu family has gradually faded in the midst of the Chu Family’s harm to him and his mother again and again.
Until, hatred is full!
People will always grow.
Injuries and frustrations are the catalysts for human growth!
Ye Fan is like that.
In the years of hardship, Ye Fan had already given Ye Fan a strong character far beyond ordinary people.
And now Qiu Mucheng is also undergoing such a transformation.
Ye Fan believed that Qiu Mucheng would eventually mature amidst setbacks.
It will eventually become calm amidst the repeated injuries of the Qiu family.
When Qiu Mucheng no longer has a sense of belonging to the Qiu family, then when facing the Qiu family’s target, Qiu Mucheng will deal with it calmly.
But before leaving, Ye Fan was holding Qiu Mucheng’s hand, and his cold eyes immediately fell in the direction where Qiu Guang and others were.
At this moment, Ye Fan’s face was cold, just like a tiger. That kind of temperament turned out to be as majestic as a mountain, making Qiu Guang and the others stunned.
Is this guy Ye Fan?
How could it be so powerful?
“You…what are you doing?”
“I… I warn you, this is all monitored!”
Qiu Muying and his wife shook subconsciously.
Obviously, the two of them remembered the scene of Ye Fan beating them violently on the night Qiu Mucheng was kicked out of the Qiu family’s old house a month ago.
At that time, Ye Fan was as powerful as it is now, terrifying!
Therefore, at that time, Qiu Muying and his wife stood up with a fright, and backed a few steps, thinking that Ye Fan was going to beat them.
But the next moment, Ye Fan smiled.
It’s just that smile, shouting contempt, with majesty.
“Uncle, I hope you can remember the words you just said to Mucheng.”
“The shopping mall is like a battlefield, there is no such thing as love at all!”
“One day, you will hear this sentence again.”
Ye Fan’s words echoed, but it was like a golden stone falling to the ground with a sound.
There was a deep hum in Qiu Guang and the others’ ears!
“Mucheng, let’s go~”
Ye Fan shouted coldly, taking Qiu Mucheng, Dang Even turned and left.
Now that the words have reached this point, there is no need to beg them humblely.
His woman, he couldn’t tolerate her being half wronged!
However, after this incident, Qiu Mucheng was undoubtedly completely giving up on the Qiu Family, and no more scruples.
Now that you have become an opponent, it is true that there is no need to worry about any emotions!
After Ye Fan and his wife left for a long time, Qiu Muying, Qiu Guang and others’ emotions that had been stirred just now gradually calmed down.

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