A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 540

After all, in the eyes of Qiu Muying and his wife, there is no doubt that the painting in front of them is real.
After all, can the paintings handed down by Shen Jiuyi, the head of the Shen family, be fake?
The reason why she asks Wang Xingduo at 23b6204f is to find an excuse for herself to show off the painting.
Faced with Qiu Muying’s inquiry, Wang Xingduo remained silent and noncommittal.
He put on his glasses again, turned his head and asked Xiang Qiu Muying in a deep voice: “I don’t care whether this painting is true or not. I’m just curious about how you got Yingying’s “Songxi Interview with Yin” by Tang Yin.”
“As far as I know, as early as a few years ago, this “Songxi Interview with Yin” did appear in Yunzhou City, but it was finally photographed by Shen Jiuyi, the owner of the Shen family.”
“So, I really have some doubts, where did you get this “Songxi Interview with Yin”.”
Wang Xingduo looked at Qiu Muying and asked slowly.
When Qiu Muying heard this, she suddenly covered her mouth and chuckled: “Giggle~”
“Director Wang is indeed an insider. After just a few glances, he guessed the origin of this painting.”
“Yes, as Director Wang said, the painting in front of me was given to me and my husband at a banquet by the head of the Shen family, Shen Jiuyi.” Remember the website http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Shen Jiuyi sent it?”
“You take this seriously!” Wang Xingduo finally began to feel uncomfortable.
“Naturally it is true. I took a picture at that time, don’t believe me.” While talking, Qiu Muying took out his phone and released a picture.
In the photo, it is surprisingly the scene of Shen Jiuyi’s gift to Chu Wenfei in Yunjing Hotel.
At such a glorious moment of her husband, Qiu Muying of course wanted to take a photo.
“I go!”
“Really?” Wang Xingduo was suddenly excited, and looked down at the painting in front of him again.
To be honest, Wang Xingduo didn’t think this painting was true before. After all, there are tens of millions of paintings. Qiu Muying and others are just a few young people. How can they have the financial resources to take such a rare painting?
But now, he has to admit it.
“So, is this painting real?”
“This painting is really Tang Bohu?”
Excited, shaking hands.
At this time, Wang Xingduo was almost happy and crazy, and he watched again inch by inch. That way, it was like admiring the body of a peerless beauty.
“Good painting~ good painting!”
“Look at the composition, the light and shadow, and what’s more, this force.”
“The pen and ink are delicate, the layout is sloppy, and the style is elegant and handsome.”
“Yingying, I’m right, this painting is undoubtedly authentic.”
“At the first glance, I saw that it was a real work, and at the second glance, I was stuck in it and couldn’t help myself.”
Wang Xingduo was so excited that he was admired again and again, and even more fond of touching the painting gently.
Qiu Muying and the others were speechless when they heard it. When did this old thing say that this painting was real?
But of course they won’t demolish Wang Xingduo’s platform, they just can’t help but praise it.
“Yingying, Wen Fei, I can’t tell. You two are so prosperous that even the head of the Shen family gave the paintings personally.”
“However, I like this painting too much. Can you let me watch it for two days.”
“It just so happens that Yunzhou has a painting exhibition recently, and I want to take this painting over and open my eyes.”
“Don’t worry, I will definitely keep it properly when I paint, and cherish it like my eyes, and never damage it a bit.”
“This…” Qiu Muying was immediately embarrassed. She could still accept it after watching it for a few hours, but after watching it for a few days, Qiu Muying had to worry, after all, how could she borrow so casually with tens of millions of treasures.
In the end, Qiu Muying only agreed to lend Wang Xingduo for a long time on the day of the exhibition.
Wang Xingduo also knew that this painting was precious, and it was indeed inappropriate for him to borrow it for two or three days, so he agreed with Qiu Muying’s statement.
“By the way, Director Wang, I almost forgot. We also prepared a gift for Mrs. Zun.”
“A hosta is disrespectful, please accept it.”
“This hosta is the hosta of the European royal family. After wearing it, it will show the noble and graceful temperament of the lady!”

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