A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 542

“Uncle Wang, is your food okay?”
“I am always preparing the painting for you. On the day of the exhibition, if you call, I will send it to you immediately?”
At the hotel entrance, Chu Wenfei, Wang Xingduo and others were still chatting.
Qiu Muying also accompanied Wang Xingduo’s wife, talking and laughing: “Aunt Lin, this hosta should be handled with care. Any good jade is very fragile and fragile.”
Finally, as the two of Wang Xingduo drove away, today’s meal ended perfectly.
“Grandpa, how is it?”
“I’ve already said that your granddaughter, I’m going out, and there is nothing wrong with it.”
“You and your uncle didn’t get the approval for more than a month. I finished a painting and a hosta.”
“Grandpa, how are you going to reward me?”
When Wang Xingduo left, Qiu Muying smiled triumphantly and began to claim credit in front of Mr. Qiu.
Elder Qiu was indeed happy at this time, grinning constantly. First URL m.
“Old, we are really old.”
“It won’t work if you don’t accept d46c03e0.”
“Now my granddaughter is more capable and skilled than me.”
“In the future, the future of the Qiu family will still depend on your husband and wife.”
“As for the reward, what do you want?”
“Hehe, grandpa is what you said, so I’m not welcome.” Qiu Muying smiled, “Grandpa, I want your incense burner.”
“The incense burner?” Qiu Guang was shocked when he heard this, looked at Qiu Muying, and shook his head and smiled. The value is seven figures. You are afraid that you will kill your grandfather for half his life~”
Qiu Muying didn’t speak, just smiled.
Father Qiu waved his hand: “It’s okay, that thing, sooner or later, it must belong to their juniors, and we can’t take it away.”
“What’s more, this time Yingying has done a great job. Since she wants it, she can send her the incense burner.”
“Hehe, Grandpa Xie!” Qiu Muying was overjoyed immediately.
That incense burner, she had long been worried about it.
That’s an old thing, worth a million, and it will appreciate in the future. She used to worry that Mr. Qiu would give it to Qiu Mucheng, but now that she took this opportunity, Qiu Muying was going to take it for herself.
Although Qiu Guang felt a little uncomfortable, he couldn’t say anything.
“Okay, let’s go home and wait for Director Wang’s news.” The old man Qiu waved his hand, and the group of four was proud to go home.
However, at this time, Qiu Guang’s cell phone rang.
“Director Wang called?”
“Could it be done so soon?”
“Yingying, the two of you are still good at it. Just after this meal is finished, this thing is done!” Qiu Guang smiled excitedly.
Old man Qiu was also happy to close his mouth from ear to ear: “Quickly, stop talking nonsense, quickly answer the phone!”
“Turn on hands-free!”
Father Qiu and the others have been busy with this approval for more than a month, and now they are exhausted, of course excited.
“Haha, Director Wang, is it me, Chairman of the Qiu Group, Qiu Guang?”
“Did the approval come down?”
“How do you say we should thank you!”
Qiu Guang said with joy as soon as he came up.
However, as soon as Qiu Guang said this, Wang Xingduo’s angry curses came over the phone.
“Thank you mother for being tall!”
“Bad son, are you cheating me?”
“I was killed by you!”
On the phone, Wang Xingduo shouted angrily.
It was like a slap, slapped Qiu Guang and the others fiercely on the faces. They were blindfolded at the time: “Wang… Director Wang, you… who are you?”
Just when Qiu Muying and others looked dumbfounded, a policeman in front stopped, and then Wang Xingduo and Lin Qingya and his wife were taken by the police and walked down.
“Comrades, it’s them!”
“They gave us this hosta.”
“They cheated me~”
“Really has nothing to do with us~”
“We didn’t steal it!”
“I want to catch you and their bastards, don’t catch us~”
“I’m innocent, they want to fuck me~”
Wang Xingduo pointed to Qiu Muying and the four of them, cursing angrily and pleadingly to the police.
At this time, Wang Xingduo looked resentful at Qiu Muying and the others, wishing to slash them a thousand times!

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This story is ridiculously full of typing errors , take 1 instance for example , few chapters back 1 item was said to fetch 100,000 yuan , in the next sentence it became 1 billion dollars . Who is this author who can’t even check his / her own storyline ? Who owns , didn’t you bother to check any of these novels ? How can you allow these on your website ?

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