A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 555

Especially Susie, when she heard these words from Yang Qian’s mouth, she was surprised that anyone with a big mouth could almost stuff an apple.
Is this the Yang Qian she knew?
Is this still her gold-worshiping girlfriend?
If these words came from Qiu Mucheng’s mouth, Susie could still accept it. But what she couldn’t imagine was that this remark came from Yang Qian’s mouth?
With Yang Qian’s best friend for many years, no one can know Yang Qian better than Su Qian.
Snobbish, if Qiu Muying ranks first among the people Susie knows, then Yang Qian is second.
Susie still remembers that when she was a student, Yang Qian had a particularly good sister. After learning that her sister had a particularly rich boyfriend, she started to dig out her good sister the next day. In the corner, I went out to open a room with my good sister’s boyfriend.
At that time, after the good sister Yang Qian learned the truth, she was almost depressed and eventually transferred to another school.
However, it is such a persona, and now she is persuading her not to be too snobbish or to worship money too much?
It felt like an executioner was telling her that she couldn’t kill.
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This is why, after hearing this remark, Susie’s reaction will be so huge.
“Qianqian, don’t you have a fever?” Su Qian still felt a little unbelievable.
“Relax, I’m very healthy. Okay, I’ve said everything that should be said anyway. It’s up to you if you don’t listen.” Yang Qian didn’t seem to want to waste her tongue with Susie anymore, and turned to look gentle. Ye Fan: “Mr. Ye, it’s your first time to come to this art gallery. I’m familiar with it here. Let me show you around.”
“Mr. Ye, are you thirsty? I’m going to buy you some water?”
“Mr. Ye, have you had breakfast? I still have some tiramisu in my bag, which is very delicious. Would you like to try it?”
“Mr. Ye, what kind of girl do you like? A better figure or a prettier one?”
Along the way, Yang Qian looked like a caring wife, and asked Ye Fan. After a while, I asked him if he was thirsty, and later if he was hungry, and finally asked him directly what kind of girl Ye Fan likes. With such a flattering look, he gave Ye Fan a hug.
As for Luo Feng, who originally came with Yang Qian, he was completely left aside by 759fc0a3, and Yang Qian ignored it.
In the end, Luo Feng, who had been left out in the cold, naturally had no face to stay here. His face was livid, and he only felt humiliated. He looked at Ye Fan coldly, snorted, and went away angrily.
As for Yang Qian’s good girlfriend Susie, the treatment is similar to that of Luo Feng.
Along the way, Ye Fan was in Yang Qian’s eyes and there were others. Su Qian took the initiative to talk to Yang Qian many times, but Yang Qian ignored her.
Finally, Susie said that she was thirsty and asked Yang Qian if she had brought water.
Yang Qian said directly: “You can buy it yourself. I don’t have much water left, so I have to keep it for Mr. Ye.”
Susie was almost furious when she heard it.
I thought Ye Fan was a hillbilly, poor and sour soil turtle, what kind of magic is in him? Not only his best girlfriend, Qiu Mucheng, caught his way, because he wanted to divorce him and cried all night. Now even Yang Qian, another best friend of his own, is completely fascinated by Ye Fan. For him, even his best friend is not needed.
“Crazy, crazy!”
“I’m furious!”

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