A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 560

Seeing everyone’s spearhead had been aimed at them, Susie was angry and frightened.
It was Ye Fan, an idiot who was angry, who did nothing without saying what he could, and ended up harming others and himself.
What was scared was that everyone’s pushing and shouting would damage the copy of Zhang Daqian in her hand.
Originally, Su Yuanshan brought this painting to Ye Fan and participated in the exhibition together.
It’s alright now, Ye Fan provoked the anger of the people, and they were afraid that they couldn’t wait any longer.
Lu Wenjing also had a small face with trepidation. She leaned close to Ye Fan, her pretty face was already pale, her voice choked and trembled, and she kept saying: “Brother Ye Fan, let’s go, they will hit us~”
When Lu Wenjing and Su Qian were panicked and worried, Yang Qian on the side was pretty calm.
She looked at Ye Fan secretly from beginning to end.
She wanted to see how Ye Fan would deal with such a scene?
However, just as everyone scolded Ye Fan and the others to get them out of the way, a cold shout suddenly came from outside the crowd.
“Quiet!” The starting website m.
Amid the sullen voice, I saw a middle-aged man in a black suit walking in with a stride, and four or five bodyguards in suits and leather shoes followed him.
Seeing this person, everyone was shocked.
“This…this is, Luo Dahai!”
“The most famous contemporary painter in Yunzhou?”
“The owner of the museum is the organizer of this exhibition?”
“Why did Master Luo come here in person for such a small exhibition?”
Everyone was shocked, but they all closed their mouths.
Luo Dahai has a lot of prestige in the book and collection circles in Yunzhou. No one would dare not give up his face, these people present.
“what happened?”
“what happened?”
“A good exhibition, why is it so messy?”
“Where is Luo Feng?”
“I asked him to take care of my security and maintain the order of the exhibition. Where did this rebellious child go?”
“Call him over!”
Luo Dahai said angrily, and under a cold drink, several staff members behind him hurriedly went to find Luo Feng in panic.
“Master Luo, you came just right.”
“There is a mess in the art gallery. Not only does he claim that Director Wang’s paintings are fake, but he also says that we don’t know the goods?”
Many people around have filed complaints.
After Luo Dahai heard it, he frowned, “Really, where is that person?”
“The owner of the museum is him! This stinky kid is making trouble, and I hope the owner will beat him out!” Qiu Muying pointed at Ye Fan and said quickly.
Luo Dahai looked over: “Young man, you are so brave to be wild here. Security guard, throw them out for me!”
The words were cold and full of anger.
Susie shuddered when she heard Luo Dahai’s words. She did not catch the painting in her hand and fell to the ground.
The picture scroll, along the ground, just like this, slowly unfolding.
When Luo Dahai saw this, he trembled and his pupils shrank immediately: “This is, baby?”
When Wang Xingduo heard it, he thought Luo Dahai was talking about the painting in his hand.
He immediately licked his face and smiled, and stepped forward: “Yes, Master Luo. I also think my painting is a treasure, Tang Bohu’s work, an absolute rare treasure!”
While talking, Wang Xingduo spread out the painting for Luo Dahai to see.
Luo Dahai only took a look, and slapped Wang Xingduo aside. The painting in his hand fell to the ground, disdainful: “What kind of garbage!”
“A modern copy of inferior quality, do you still have the face to say treasure?”
“Go away!”
Wang Xingduo was stunned.
Is this painting true or false?
When Wang Xingduo was stunned, Luo Dahai pushed Wang Xingduo away. He immediately walked over and bent over to look at the painting that Susie had fallen on the ground.
“Withered trees are like antlers, and strange rocks are like snails!”
“The pen seems to sparse weeds and weeds, and it doesn’t look like a shape. But the importance of the pen in practice is intertwined.”
“Even in the calligraphy fonts, the pen uses dragons and snakes, and the characters are back!”
“Although it is an imitation, it is better than a treasure!”
“The essence of the country, the essence of the country~”
Luo Dahai was completely mad with excitement. He picked up the painting, excited, and trembling hands, looking at Susie like his father.
“Miss, tell me, where did you come from for this painting?”
“Why is this copy of Su Dongpo in your hands?”
“What is the relationship between you and Mr. Ye Fanye?”

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