A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 566

Lu Wenjing smiled.
Looking at such a cute little girl, Ye Fan rubbed her head indulgingly.
But when she went to bed at night, Qiu Mucheng suddenly called Ye Fan over.
“These are the living expenses of the family this month.”
“Sorry, something went wrong on the company’s side, the salary has not been paid, and I don’t know what will happen in the future. In terms of living expenses, I can save it.”
Qiu Mucheng gave some money to Ye Fan.
Naturally, I need money to eat and drink at home. Ye Fan takes care of these things on weekdays, but Qiu Mucheng will give Ye Fan some money every month.
Only this time, it was significantly less than before.
“Mucheng, is there a lot of pressure?”
“If you don’t want to do it, tell me.”
Under the light, looking at Qiu Mucheng who was haggard because of the company’s affairs, Ye Fan felt a little pity for it. First URL m.
He also doesn’t know whether he did it right.
Perhaps, letting a woman support a company or an enterprise alone is really embarrassing her.
However, before he left, Ye Fan really hoped that Qiu Mucheng could have a career of her own and could have the ability to stand alone.
Over the years, he has been behind the scenes.
Apart from not revealing one’s identity due to certain things, another reason is that she hopes that Qiu Mucheng can become strong.
In the future, even when he is away, he can live a strong life on his own.
Yes, Ye Fan is going to leave after all.
He planned for ten years and lit countless sparks all over the world.
The day when the spark started to start a prairie fire was when Ye Fan left!
Chu family, he will go back sooner or later.
Even for the mother, it was even more humiliating, and to make the clan brothers who looked down upon their mother and daughter to be looked down upon.
Ye Fan knows the power of the Chu family.
Therefore, even if he planned for many years, Ye Fan didn’t know whether he could come back when he really went to Chu Family Yixue and was humiliated!
For so many years, Ye Fan has been working towards the brightest future, but he has also been planning for the worst.
Just like Qiu Mucheng, even if Ye Fan has the power to give her the whole world, she still let her work hard to learn to be strong and learn to face the wind and rain!
Instead of keeping her in captivity in a greenhouse.
Facing Ye Fan’s question, Qiu Mucheng shook her head and smiled, her smile was somewhat inexplicably strong.
“Ye Fan, I’m fine.”
“I will not give up, I will work hard, I must make some achievements.”
“I don’t like to be looked down upon, and I don’t like to be sympathetic to.”
“I have to work hard. One day, the things I like will be bought with the money we earn. Instead of relying on my sister~”
“Furthermore, Ye Fan, when I make enough money, I have to make up our wedding again.”
“I, Qiu Mucheng, can’t be looked down upon~”
Qiu Mucheng clenched her palms, her beautiful eyes glowed with firmness.
In fact, Qiu Mucheng had already discovered Lu Wenjing’s small movements. She just didn’t say, after all, speaking of this kind of thing naturally made herself even more unbearable.
She will only keep Lu Wenjing’s goodness in her heart and at the same time inspire herself.
If you don’t work hard, you will be like now, even if you have to rely on your sister to buy cosmetics.
After that, Qiu Mucheng continued to work at the desk, handling company affairs.
In the moonlight, looking at Qiu Mucheng’s beautiful face, Ye Fan was inexplicably relieved.
“Mucheng, there are some things you need to obtain by yourself.”
“But what I owe you, I will definitely give you.”
“Wait, Mucheng. It won’t be long before, and I, Ye Fan, will return you a wedding in a prosperous age!”

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