A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 568

Han Shaojie nodded, and then explained his intentions to Ye Fan.
It turned out that Han Shaojie’s father was the deputy mayor of the city. Recently, the city needs some precious jade for some reasons, but if you buy it directly, the budget is somewhat insufficient.
Therefore, Han Shaojie’s father, Han Dongmin, wanted to buy some rough stones for the city from some rough stone merchants, and then produce jade from it. After all, the price of rough stones is much cheaper than buying jade directly. In this case, the funds are undoubtedly more than enough.
But Han Dongmin bought two batches of rough stones in a row, and spent a lot of money, but few decent jadeites were sold.
This time, Han Dongmin was undoubtedly anxious.
If this matter is let the above know, the consequences will undoubtedly be serious.
However, the bow did not turn back. Most of the funds have been spent, and it is undoubtedly too late for Han Dongmin to stop now. He can only take the last shot and prepare to purchase another batch of rough stones.
The previous few times he suffered heavy losses because of lack of experience. This time, Han Dongmin learned well, so he looked around for a few experts who knew stone.
After Han Shaojie learned about his father, he naturally thought of Ye Fan for the first time.
Naturally, Han Shaojie will not forget that at the rough auction that day, Ye Fan turned the tide, not only helped Shen Fei turn losses into profit, but also drove the rare Zhengyang Green and helped Shen Feiqing earn tens of millions. Moreover, Ye Fan also turned stones into gold, and drove out the king of jade, the emperor green, and the audience trembled!
“Brother Fan, because of this incident, my dad has trouble sleeping day and night, sleeping and eating, and his hair has become anxiously white.” Remember to read a book
“My son sees it in my eyes, and it hurts in my heart. I only hate my shallow ability and can’t help my dad. There is no way, I can only come to ask you Brother Fan?”
“Brother Fan, you can help my dad.”
Han Shaojie almost made a request to Ye Fan.
He also said that as long as Ye Fan is willing to help his father through the difficulties, he will be able to do anything with Han Shaojie in the future.
After Ye Fan heard this, he immediately shook his head and smiled: “It sounds good. I think you saw that Shen Fei was valued by his father and became a director of the company. Are you jealous with envy?”
“So I also want to make a contribution to make your dad admire.”
Han Shaojie’s little flowery intestines also fooled Shen Fei, but Ye Fan could see it at a glance.
Han Shaojie saw that he could see through, he scratched his head and smiled embarrassedly.
“Hey, Brother Fan, you still have a sharp eye, not only looking at Shi, but also at people’s mind.”
“Shen Fei, relying on you, Brother Fan, has turned into a director at home, and I can’t leave it.”
“Brother Fan, you must help me with this matter.”
“My father has always said that I have nothing to do for years, and I have only made friends with friends and friends, and it has shame her.”
“This time, I have to make my father look at me with admiration and let him know that among my friends Han Shaojie, there are also great people!”
Han Shaojie spoke firmly and said in a deep voice.
However, Ye Fan hadn’t answered yet, but Shen Fei was staring.
“Han Shaojie, you have no conscience and hurt me, right? What’s wrong with Shen Fei? Is that kind of stuff? You have to make it clear to me today!”
“Hey, A Fei, I won’t talk about that. The quiet little Lolita is still there. I’m afraid I will tell you that you will lose face.”
“Get out of here!”
In the car, the brothers Han Shaojie and Shen Fei got into a fight.
But the two have been in friendship for many years, and they are used to being black.
Otherwise, Han Shaojie’s father wouldn’t have them as Hupengou friends.
“Since it’s all here, I will just go over and take a look.” Ye Fan finally agreed to Han Shaojie’s request.
Although Han Shaojie came from a rich family, his temperament fits Ye Fan’s mind. Get acquainted once, and then help him once.
“Brother Xie Fan.” Han Shaojie was overjoyed and quickly thanked him.
Ye Fan waved his hand: “Don’t thank you first, I just want to see if I can help, I’m not sure.”

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