A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 592

“Fuck Nima shit!”
Zhang Zhengfu’s eyes were red when he heard this.
He stood up after a rub, his whole person was almost mad.
There is only one in my heart, the anger of my goddess being desecrated!
“Where is the idiot?”
“Mouth of foul language, nonsense!”
“Still sharing the same bed? Still having children?”
“Who do you think you are? Mr. Qiu’s man?”
“I don’t look at my own virtues, Qiu looks like an immortal, he will marry you only if he is blind?” Zhang Zhengfu angrily rebuked.
When Ye Fan heard this, his face smiled even more: “Hey, you are really right, I really am your Qiu President’s man.”
“A bunch of nonsense!” Remember to read in one second
“Just like you, do you still covet our President Qiu?”
“If you are Mr. Qiu’s husband, if Zhang Zhengfu doesn’t say anything, I will immediately jump off the fifth floor!”
Zhang Zhengfu smiled coldly, full of disdain.
However, as soon as his words fell, outside the room, Lu Wenjing, Han Li and others walked in immediately.
“Sister Qiu, I finally found you.”
“Brother Ye Fan is afraid that you will not eat well, so he made special meals for you.
“Look how nice Ye Fan is to you.”
“Sister Qiu, can you have a husband like Ye Fan, do I envy you?”
Lu Wenjing threw herself into Qiu Mucheng’s arms, smiling brightly.
When Zhang Zhengfu heard this, he was dumbfounded, as if someone slapped his face with a slap, he stayed in place for an instant, his eyes widened immediately.
“Ms. Qiu, he… he… he really is, your husband?”
Zhang Zhengfu’s face was pale, he looked at Qiu Mucheng in disbelief, his words trembled, and he asked aloud.
This face slap came so quickly that Zhang Zhengfu was caught off guard!
But Qiu Mucheng’s pretty face was a bit sullen and blushing at this time.
Obviously because of Ye Fan’s nonsense just now!
This bastard is really shameless.
In the face of the chaos of his own staff, he kept talking and talking nonsense.
Fortunately, there is only Zhang Zhengfu here. Otherwise, if she is in front of all the staff, her image of Qiu Mucheng’s glorious and stalwart will be in the hands of a bastard like Ye Fan.
Of shame
The next Qiu Mucheng gave Ye Fan a fierce look.
In that way, it seems to be warning Ye Fan, no more nonsense, you will feel better at night!
Afterwards, Qiu Mucheng looked at Zhang Zhengfu: “Manager Zhang, my family is here, please avoid it.”
Although Qiu Mucheng didn’t answer directly, she undoubtedly admitted indirectly.
Ye Fan is her husband!
At that moment, Zhang Zhengfu only felt that the thunderbolt, half of his body was cold, and his heart was broken.
A crush, hasn’t started yet, just ended like this?
Zhang Zhengfu didn’t expect that the beautiful president, who is usually dignified and cold, would be a wife?
However, just when Zhang Zhengfu was about to leave, Han Li was a human being. He clearly saw something, but stopped Zhang Zhengfu and quickly explained: “Manager Zhang, don’t listen to the bullshit. He told Mucheng is just a fake marriage. As long as Mucheng meets better, she can leave at any time. I am your mother Qiu, I asked her to divorce, she dare not leave.”
“By the way, I haven’t asked you yet. What’s your name? What is your background? What do your parents do? How many houses in the city? How many gifts can you receive?”
“Mom, what are you mixing up, aren’t you playing the piano indiscriminately?” Qiu Mucheng was speechless when she saw this.
Isn’t it shameful to ask someone about their family background and how many houses?
“Auntie, what you said is true?”
“Mr. Qiu really married him?” Zhang Zhengfu was taken aback at the time, and his frustrated heart immediately saw hope again.
“Of course. They have been married for three years, and they have lived and slept separately. Then Ye Fan is a poor son in the country, a poor son-in-law, if it weren’t for the troubles at the beginning, how could my daughter look at him, let alone marry Is he?” Han Li said with disdain.
Zhang Zhengfu immediately became more happy, and quickly introduced himself: “Auntie, my name is Zhang Zhengfu. I am the sales manager of this company.”
“Oh, it turned out to be a sales manager.” The smile on Han Li’s face suddenly faded. Looking at his dress up just now, and the Mercedes-Benz key he put on the table, Han Li thought he was a rich man like Sun Yuhao.
However, the next moment, when he heard Zhang Zhengfu say the name of his father Zhang Xiaosong, Han Li suddenly became calm.
“Zhang Xiaosong?”
“Just that famous entrepreneur Zhang Xiaosong?”
“The head of a tens of billions of state-owned enterprises?”
“The chairman Zhang Xiaosong Zhang who invited my Mucheng to be the president?”

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