A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 667

However, when Qiu Mucheng was feeling down, suddenly Qiu Mucheng’s cell phone rang.
“It’s so late, who will call?”
“Is it the company’s business?”
When Qiu Mucheng was puzzled, she picked up her mobile phone and looked at it, and she was stunned.
“What’s wrong?” Ye Fan asked.
“My uncle’s phone number,” Qiu Mucheng replied.
Ye Fan seemed to have guessed something, and sneered: “Since it’s my uncle’s call, then just answer it. Turn on it hands-free. I also want to hear what our uncle will say.”
“Yeah.” Qiu Mucheng nodded, and then answered the phone.
“Is it Mucheng? I’m your little uncle.”
“Just now there was something in the company. I was walking in a hurry and didn’t say a few words to you. Don’t mind.” On the other side of the phone, Lu Mingze’s extraordinarily warm and kind voice came. Remember to read in one second
At that moment, Qiu Mucheng’s whole body was shocked.
Is this her uncle Lu Mingze?
Suspiciously, Qiu Mucheng even glanced at the remarks, yes, it was indeed a call from Lu Mingze.
However, Qiu Mucheng had to wonder. After a while, how could her uncle behave like a different person, and suddenly her attitude changed.
Talking and laughing, very kind. Changed from the cold and arrogant look before, there was no leading role.
Lu Mingze’s sudden one hundred and eighty degrees change undoubtedly caught Qiu Mucheng by surprise, and it was almost impossible to adapt to it for a while.
“No… it’s okay.” Qiu Mucheng replied in surprise.
Afterwards, Lu Mingze continued: “Mucheng, there is also the opening ceremony of your company. Don’t worry, your uncle will definitely dress up and bring your sister-in-law with you that day. My niece’s place, I, the uncle, must have Hold it.”
“By the way, did you even give me an invitation?”
“I didn’t care about it just now. I’ll drive back to get it later. Also, call your mother, your father, and Xiao Fan, let’s go to the hotel to have a meal.”
“You said that you have been married for so many years, and my uncle has never invited you and Xiaofan. This time, since I have arrived in Yunzhou, I will take this opportunity to make up all the etiquettes that I have missed before. What do you think? kind?”
Lu Mingze spoke enthusiastically, smiling and cordial in his words. Lu Mingze at this time was completely different from when he came before.
So after Qiu Mucheng heard these words, she was stunned for a while, she didn’t know what to answer.
However, when Qiu Mucheng was panicked, Ye Fan took the mobile phone from Qiu Mucheng’s hand and smiled and replied: “Uncle, I don’t need to eat. I just kept you. You don’t eat, but now I’m with Mu The orange is already eaten.”
“As for that invitation, I just gave it to Uncle. You confiscated it. Mucheng has already thrown it out as garbage. I’m so sorry.”
“Also, uncle, don’t you say that you are busy with work? In that case, Mucheng and I won’t take up your time. You are a big man, and my wife is just a small company that is not important. It is not worth delaying you. I will let you make a special trip for your precious time. So, I don’t think you need to come to the opening ceremony that day, just work with peace of mind.”
“Okay, uncle, that’s all for today. Say hello to Jingjing for me. I’m going to bed with Mucheng, and my mother is always urging for my grandson. I and Mucheng have worked hard. Right.”
“Finally, let me just say one more thing, my brother-in-law, there are some things, once you miss it, you can’t get it back.”
Ye Fan smiled faintly, and from beginning to end, Ye Fan spoke in a flat tone. He didn’t blame Lu Mingze, didn’t say a dirty word, and didn’t show any anger.
After saying this, Ye Fan immediately hung up without waiting for Lu Mingze to answer.

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