A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 683

Qiu Mucheng didn’t know why, when she was held by Ye Fan’s hand, she felt an inexplicable stability in her heart.
No matter how hard it is, it is not enough to be afraid.
At this time, Qiu Muying and his wife saw this scene, but they were gloating.
I thought this Qiu Mucheng really deserved it!
Make your own way.
Can you break the vase when you walk? Really stupid!
“That’s good, it saves me.” Qiu Muying smiled gloating on the sidelines, completely watching the show.
Originally, Qiu Muying was still worried about how to teach Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan. After all, if it weren’t for Ye Fan before, their relationship with Wang Xingduo would not break, let alone being scolded like that by the old man.
Because the 9ba070ce painting exhibition also had the royal hairpin, for Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng, Qiu Muying was undoubtedly suffocated in her heart and had no place to sprinkle it?
It’s all right now, and they don’t need to do anything, Qiu Mucheng got into trouble herself.
See how they pay for nearly a million things? First URL m.
Qiu Muying sneered, and walked over at the same time, and said in a fanfare: “San Jie, don’t you just stand by?”
“This broke something, lose money quickly?”
“Aren’t you the boss of the company? The invitations have all been sent to Grandpa. How powerful and prestigious you are? Why, now is it that you can’t even get hundreds of thousands of dollars and can’t afford it?” Qiu Muying exhausted Sarcastically, talking coldly from the side.
“Yingying, do you praise your third sister too much?”
“Just her, return the company boss?”
“It’s just a fur company.”
“It may go bankrupt at any time.”
“If you let her take these hundreds of thousands, it is estimated that she will have to smash the pot and sell the iron to sell the house to be able to afford it?” The couple sang and sneered.
Finally, Chu Wenfei did not forget to remind the staff in this store.
“Little sister, you can call a few more people and look after them.”
“Don’t let them run away soon.”
“The farm turtle in there has been working hard since he was a child, and he has been very strong? It is estimated that one can hit two.”
“If they let the couple run away, it would be hard to get your money.” Chu Wenfei shook his head and smiled.
Hearing this, the female shopping guide just now really called a few more security guards to come over, not letting them go without losing money.
“Two terrapins broke things in our shop, don’t you dare not run?”
“Hurry up and lose money!”
“If you can’t get the money, just use the house to top it!”
The shopping guide said angrily before, looking at Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan with disdain and disgust.
Fortunately, she just treated them as big customers and the children of wealthy families, and she had only been so hard to promote the phoenix crown xiamen before.
But the shopping guide didn’t expect that after spending a long time, the woman’s husband was just a farmer, dressed like a dog and scammed everywhere. Now they knocked over the vase. They deserved it. There was nothing pitiful.
Who left them without the life of the rich, and ran away where the rich came to be poor.
“Who broke my cloisonne?”
“Who is it?”
At this time, after receiving the news, the store manager hurriedly ran down from the office upstairs.
Full of anger and wailing.
That’s because he spent a lot of time before moving from the headquarters to the town venue to upgrade things that are compelling.
Three months later, he had to send it back to the headquarters!
Unexpectedly, this was just placed yesterday, and it was crushed today.
Seeing the fragments all over the floor from a long distance away, the store manager in front of him only felt that his heart was also broken.
“Manager Shen, you are here just right.”
“It’s them, it’s these two turtles, who have no money or right to run to our yard poor.”
“One of them is a local turtle from the country, a son-in-law who comes to my family.”
“We forced one and broke our vase.”
“Manager, I have caught them, and I am waiting for you to deal with them.”
The female shopping guide pointed at Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng and said viciously.

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