A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 691

“Mom, don’t go to this store, right?”
“There are some fakes in it.”
“Shall we go to another house?”
At this time, Qiu Muying noticed that the shop her mother-in-law was going to was actually the “daughter country” just now.
Due to previous events, Qiu Muying naturally has no good feelings about this store.
She even set the flag dozens of minutes ago, saying that she would never come to this store again in her life, but she didn’t expect this face-slapped to come so quickly.
“What fake?”
“The Kingdom of Daughters is the industry of the Shen Group. It has been an old store for decades and has a good reputation.
“I have been shopping here, how could there be fakes?”
“If this store can buy fake ones, then Yunzhou will have no place to sell genuine ones.”
Zhang Li felt baffled by Qiu Muying’s remarks. Remember to read in one second
In Yunzhou City, Daughter Country is the premier high-end consumer place, and the consumer groups are basically women, so they have always been loved by their wealthy wives.
For so many years, Zhang Li and some of her female friends have been buying here. Many of her wealthy wives even ordered the wedding dresses when they got married here. There has never been a quality problem. Therefore, for this store, Zhang Li No doubt I like it very much.
Now that Qiu Muying said so, didn’t she doubt that Zhang Li had bought fake products for decades, and Zhang Li was a little unhappy at the time.
Chu Wenfei saw that he was suspicious, and hurriedly said to Qiu Muying: “Mom, Yingying is wrong. She said that the fake seller is “Women Country”, which is a department store next to Qiu’s house. The two stores in China and “Women Country” are confused.”
“Okay, Mom, let’s not say much, let’s go in.”
Chu Wenfei smiled, and immediately turned off the subject, pushing his mother into the store.
Qiu Muying didn’t say anything. Since her mother-in-law didn’t like to hear some things, she simply didn’t say anything.
Soon, Qiu Muying accompanied Zhang Li to stroll around the store.
“Wen Fei, Yingying, watch it first.”
“I’ll go to the bathroom first and be back soon.”
After shopping for a while, Zhang Li said to Chu Wenfei and Qiu Muying, and went to the bathroom.
However, shortly after Zhang Li left, only an uproar was heard, like a broken sound, and there was a noise not far away.
“Wen Fei, what happened over there?”
“Shall we go and take a look?”
Qiu Muying is a restless lord, and wants to get there whenever there is excitement. Chu Wenfei couldn’t help it, and while his mother was in the bathroom, he also followed Qiu Muying.
When he was able to get in, Chu Wenfei discovered that another vase was broken by someone, and he sneered, “Hey, what should I do?”
“It turned out to be an idiot who didn’t walk long eyes, and broke the vase.”
“Nothing to look good, Yingying, let’s go there and wait for my mother,”
Chu Wenfei put his hands in his pockets, glanced at it, and turned his head away, suddenly losing the interest of the onlookers.
But Qiu Muying was stunned looking at the front, and immediately said suspiciously: “Husband, take a look, is it your mother who broke the vase?”
“How is this possible? My mother wouldn’t be so stupid like that Qiu Mucheng… Fuck, really!” Chu Wenfei just said that stupid word, but when she turned her head she saw the crowd Among the pretty woman with panic, an old face suddenly twitched, her eyes widened.
“Quick, Yingying, let’s go over quickly!”
In a hurry, Chu Wenfei and Qiu Muying rushed over.

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