A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 70

Chu Wenfei laughed as he walked, his whole person almost floating.
He only felt that life was too friendly to him, and being friendly almost made Chu Wen cry quickly.
Women, wealth, and men’s life pursuits are nothing but this. But now, he had just graduated from Chu Wenfei University, and he had already obtained something that others would never have in his life.
Although Qiu Muying’s appearance and body are not as good as Qiu Mucheng, the third lady of the Qiu family, she is definitely one of the best in a hundred.
As for wealth, he will be worth tens of millions after today. In the five-tier town of Yunzhou, he is definitely considered a leader among the people, a young man.
“Haha, I, Chu Wenfei, really is the son of destiny, and I am blessed by heaven and earth.”
Chu Wenfei’s heart was so refreshing, bathed in the enviable gaze of the entire Qiu family, his face was full of spirits, and his laughter was full of pride, like an emperor, and a king over the world.
The arrogant and proud look, but it is unbelievable.
At this moment, Chu Wenfei seemed to be the most dazzling person in the hotel of Nuo Da.
He held his head high, he strode to the stars.
Everyone in the Qiu family is watching him, watching the winner in life. Remember to read in one second
“Giving birth, be like Chu Wenfei!” Qiu Guang exclaimed.
“Yes, the third son-in-law has this son-in-law, and I am afraid that we will fly to the top in the future, so that our Qiu family can’t afford it~”
“Wen Fei, it’s incredible~”
“In one day, he was worth ten million. Yingying, I found a good home~”
Among the Qiu family, there was a lot of admiration.
The boss and the second family are full of envy.
Old man Qiu also smiled, the more he looked at Chu Wenfei, the more joy he felt.
As for the fourth family, at this time I also feel that the scenery is infinite. Wang Qiaoyu smiled triumphantly, and Qiu Muying raised her chin proudly. Chu Wen was so powerful that they naturally followed the long face.
In the crowd, Qiu Mucheng, who had always been left out in the cold, kept watching quietly.
She didn’t say a word, nor did she say a word, she watched the glory of others from beginning to end.
Of course envy.
But that’s all, Qiu Mucheng will not blame Ye Fan for this, nor will she hate Ye Fan for his lack of promise. After all, everyone has their own life. Some are rich and some are ordinary. There is no need to be overly envious. After all, there are some things that cannot be forced.
To be a man is to be content and enjoyment.
However, at this moment, Ye Fan, who had been sitting next to Qiu Mucheng, suddenly stood up.
Turning around, he also walked forward.
“Ye Fan, what are you doing?” Qiu Mucheng suddenly turned her head and asked in confusion. But due to Ye Fan’s urinary sex, Qiu Mucheng suddenly had a bad feeling.
“You are a wasteful, what are you doing on your feet?”
“Are you crazy? Sit down!”
“It’s a shame.” Wang Qiaoyu obviously noticed Ye Fan’s actions at this time, and immediately rebuked.
“Damn, you don’t think that Mr. Shen’s painting is for you?”
“My God, is it possible that you really consider yourself Mr. Chu?”
“What an idiot!” Qiu Muying also sneered coldly.
The rest of the Qiu family were almost shocked when they saw Ye Fan walking forward without looking back.
“Ye Fan, are you crazy?”
“are you an idiot?”
“Don’t go back soon!”
“The shameful thing angered President Shen, can you bear it?”
“Good day! I knew it, you wouldn’t let you bastard follow~”
Qiu Guang got up and yelled angrily, and the old man Qiu was also pale and full of anger.
Everyone was full of sarcasm, and the entire Qiu family scolded angrily. They knew that after today, Ye Fan, the door-to-door son-in-law, would completely become a joke for the entire Qiu family.
In the corner, Qiu Mucheng’s eyebrows flushed with worry, and she almost shed tears as she watched the thin figure drifting away.

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