A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 700

Feeling the strange gazes of everyone around, Zhang Li is undoubtedly unable to stand any longer. She looked at Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei and said sharply: “Shut up!”
“You two bastards, aren’t you embarrassing enough?”
“Mom, I~” Chu Wenfei said pale, full of guilt.
“Don’t call my mother!”
“Look at what daughter-in-law you found for me?”
“Simply an idiot!”
“What is this?”
“Chu Wenfei, let me tell you, as long as I and your dad are alive for one day, this kind of woman will never want to enter the door of my Chu family.”
Zhang Li said angrily, screaming at Chu Wenfei, she didn’t save any face to Qiu Muying.
Obviously, Zhang Li was really angry by Qiu Muying.
Originally, she thought that even if Qiu Muying didn’t have any bright spots, at least there were no major shortcomings. Remember to read in one second
But now, she can see clearly that this Qiu Muying is just an idiot!
He has eyes and no beads, but instead he is stubborn, arrogant, and a turtle, not pretending to be knowledgeable.
Obviously it is an antique, not an imitation.
Originally, she smashed a vase herself, a trivial matter that could be solved by 600,000 yuan, but who would have thought that Qiu Muying, an idiot, deliberately smashed the other two in order to show off his wealth.
It’s okay now, something that could have been solved with 600,000 yuan, if it was done by Qiu Muying’s idiot, 8 million can be solved!
Not only that, but also made her Zhang Li face scandal, and she was ashamed of them here!
Having lived for most of her life, Zhang Li has never lost such a person?
“Well, don’t you have money, don’t you want to show off your wealth?”
“Today I am as you wish!”
“I’m an idiot, don’t want others to pay you?”
Zhang Li snorted coldly, and then stepped forward, righteously speaking to Shen Meng: “Manager Shen, you also saw it just now. I broke one of the three vases.”
“I’ll take one million to compensate me, are you okay?”
Shen Meng naturally had no objection.
Even if Shen Meng wants to pay compensation, he still won’t be on Zhang Li’s head.
What’s more, Zhang Li is still a regular customer in the store, and Shen Meng still gives this face.
In the end, Zhang Li left angrily without looking back after paying one million.
“Mom, mom~”
“Mother-in-law, mother-in-law, you can’t leave us alone~”
Chu Wenfei couldn’t help shouting, and Qiu Muying also called out sadly, full of regret.
At this moment, Qiu Muying looked at the fragments all over the floor, her intestines were almost regretful.
Originally, she wanted to take this opportunity to perform well in front of her mother-in-law, and by the way humiliated Qiu Muying and Ye Fan by hitting them both in the face.
But who would have thought that, in the end, he was self-defeating, not only owed a huge debt of one million, but also completely lost his image in Zhang Li’s heart.
She regrets her death now. She knew that this antique was real. She would not pretend to be 799f945e if she was killed?
As for Chu Wenfei, Qiu Muying’s heart was even more angry at the moment.
“It’s all smashed!”
“Everything has been messed up by you?”
“The money is gone, and my mother was mad at you.”
“Now you are happy? Are you satisfied?”
“Good day, how come I, Chu Wenfei, put on a wicked lady like you?”
Chu Wenfei was almost furious.

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