A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 711

Han Dongmin also hung up the phone, a gloomy old face, a little unhappy.
Obviously, he also began to suspect that Ye Fan was really capable, and he was still blowing it out.
After all, this speech is too casual, the tone is simply outrageous.
“Han Shi, I said it a long time ago, that Master Ye is completely unreliable?”
“It feels like a middle school kid who has just entered society?”
“I don’t know where did you find out that he can make Li Erye and the others respect each other?”
“How can he be a fledgling bastard with such ability?”
“Han Shi, don’t you be fooled by a door-to-door son-in-law?”
Just now Han Dongmin pressed the speakerphone, and Meng Guang heard the conversation between him and Ye Fan.
At this time, Meng Guang still had a red mark on his face, which was beaten by Han Dongmin just now.
Just now, when he heard Han Dongmin’s words, he really thought he had provoked some big people. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
But after calming down, Meng Guang felt that something was wrong.
After all, if Ye Fan is really so powerful, would he stay in the little Qiu family? Be a poor son-in-law?
Moreover, Ye Fan is too young, at this age, no matter how powerful, what can he have?
Coupled with the understatement of “I’ll do it” by Ye Fan just now, this tone is too big, and it makes people feel that Ye Fan is completely bluffing and talking nonsense.
It’s like someone standing in front of you and telling you that he can destroy the earth, do you believe it?
I certainly won’t believe it!
This is how Han Dongmin and Meng Guang feel now.
Niubi has been blown, then it is not Niubi, it is a shame.
Therefore, even Han Dongmin had to wonder if Ye Fan was really pretending to be a big man to fool himself.
Thinking of this, Han Dongmin walked over and helped Meng Guang from the ground: “Xiao Meng, I’m sorry, I was impulsive just now.”
“But, I still can’t figure it out. If Ye Fan has been lie to me all the time, what is his motive?” Han Dongmin asked in confusion.
There are reasons for doing anything.
If Ye Fan is really coaxing himself, there must be a reason.
Meng Guang sneered, “Is there any reason to pretend to be forced. Han Shi, do you think you would be so respectful to him if he didn’t blow?”
“The lord of the city is so polite to him. His vanity is undoubtedly extremely satisfying. Moreover, his social status will also rise. Maybe it is because of your reputation that he made Yunzhou Li Er The Lord is so respectful to him.”
“The fox is fake, isn’t that true 32b1311f?”
Meng Guang’s words seemed to be initiating, and Han Dongmin was suddenly shocked by many things.
“Yes, you are right. I checked Ye Fan’s family background, rural background, poor family son, and Qiu family son-in-law. I was always wondering how this kind of person could make Li Er and the others so respectful.”
“It seems that this stinky boy has been borrowing my name to strengthen his power!”
“It’s really a fan of the authorities, and a clear bystander.”
“Xiao Meng, I have to thank you. If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid I would have to be used by this bastard.”
Han Dongmin suddenly realized, couldn’t help feeling, and finally Xie Xiang Meng Guang.
“Han Shi, I am your assistant. It is my duty to help you gain insight into people’s hearts and make suggestions.”
“I guess that the son-in-law will have to call you in a while and continue to talk to you about the annual meeting of entrepreneurs. At that time, Han Shi won’t have to save him face, just tear his face.”

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